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It’s BTS! No, not the boy band – Back to School!

by on ‎08-15-2018 03:41 PM - last edited on ‎08-16-2018 10:13 AM by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist

Did you know that the average pencil can be sharpened 17 times and write around 45,000 words before it meets its doom at the bottom of a trashcan? Also, were you aware that before the invention of the pencil eraser, the common way of correcting mistakes was with a rolled-up piece of white bread? And oddly enough, it just so turns out that teachers dreaded the invention of the eraser because they believed it would encourage students to make mistakes.


Student.jpgAs students and parents scramble the aisles stocked with everything from glue to locker organizers, teachers, too, are preparing for their return to the classroom. And while, pencils, paper, and folders alike are all important aspects of hitting the books, in today’s day in age, one of the keys to a student’s, and teacher’s, success is technology. The power to make those important and vital connections using technology is a game changer and the results are impressive. As a technology and education fanatic, these are the things that fuel me.


Now, we can’t forget the teachers in all of this. After all, what would school be if there weren’t teachers? Having an education degree, learning and growing are at the center of what I do and am about, and the classroom is one of my favorite places. One of the best ways for students to learn is by experience. Turning any ordinary video or presentation into a whole interactive experience with a few color changing Hue Lights can really make a difference and impression with students. Also, what classroom would be complete without a Bluetooth Speaker System? Really Hue Lights.jpgtransforming the content that we want our students to learn into something relatable and digestible is what’s going to make those so desired connections. Converting the classroom into a comfortable and technology filled space is only going to help our now technology native students thrive in today’s digital age.


As for students, finding the perfect device to help you succeed this school year is vital. There are a couple of questions to ask yourself first:


1. What type of computer do I need?

A) Desktop

B) Tablet

C) Laptop


2. What will I be using it for?

A) Everyday use such as streaming, surfing and schoolwork

B) Advanced use like everyday tasks plus features like high resolution, touch or stylus

C) For all the things that include gaming, video editing and more


3. And finally, What OS (Operating System) do I prefer?

A) MacOS

B) Windows

C) Chrome

D) all the above


One of the great recommendations for students is a simple tablet. This can take many forms as there are a wide variety on the market. An iPad Pro with Apple Pencil may be the best way for notetaking and for creating HP Laptop.jpgpresentations. Whereas for heavy designing and video editing, an HP Envy Laptop with an i7 processor and 12GB of RAM may do the trick. And, of course for those in between tasks, a powerful yet portable Acer Chromebook may be what you need. Whatever your situation, whatever you are studying, we have all you need so that you can be successful.


Regardless of what you choose, all students could use a printer! Luckily, we have deals on those too! Epson Printers with Best Buy’s Easy Replenish make being able to print from home easy and hassle free! The printer does all the work, Easy Replenish keeps you stocked up on all the ink, all you must do is click “print!”


It’s time to get back to school. Time to wake up early, catch the carpool or bus, stay after for practice or rehearsal, and to most importantly, learn. We all want what’s best for our kids and students, and working together for their success is what our goals should align to. How technology can help this process, well this is only the beginning as the possibilities are endless. From all of us here at Best Buy, we wish all the students, teachers and parents the most successful school year ever! Together, let’s talk about what’s possible!


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