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Holiday Gifting Made Easy

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist ‎11-18-2016 07:11 PM - edited ‎11-18-2016 07:19 PM


One of my favorite parts of the holidays is shopping for my family and friends. There’s not only the challenge of picking just the right item to give, but then the reward of seeing the big smile on their face. Now that we’re just over a month away from the biggest holidays, I really need to get my list made…and perhaps check it twice. Luckily has made gift giving easy this year.



dadDad’s always a tough one to shop for, as he never really has ideas for what he needs. He’s always listening to music so perhaps a new wireless speaker so he can stream music in other rooms of the house, or even outdoor ones for while he’s doing yardwork or working in the garage. He also works outside a lot in our cold dark Minnesota winters, so as a “stocking stuffer” he might like a fleece beanie with LED lights.









momAs tough as dad is to shop for, mom can be too even though she does give some ideas. Every year we seem to get her the same things, so it would be nice to find something different this year. Luckily she’s never opposed to getting appliances or other items for the house, especially if it makes it easier for her. I’ve heard a lot of cool things about air fryers, which might be a good option since she’s been trying to cook healthier. Along with cooking healthier, being active is a big thing. Even in the winter months, going to the mall to just walk isn’t uncommon so a new Fitbit might be the route to go…especially if it helps her keep up on calls and messages while she’s at work. 






sisterMy sister and brother-in-law are very outdoorsy, going to state parks and camping as often as they can. They also love to take photos. A fun addition to the outdoor fun might be a new drone or 360 camera to be able to take unique shots of the places they visit. Being busy parents with a new home, they may also love to have a robot to do some chores for them, like vacuuming.










nephewMy nephew is at a fun age this year where he’ll really know what is going on at Christmas. I know he has a ton of stuff already, but I’d love to get him a fun learning toy that can last him several years or perhaps a tablet that he can use not only for learning apps, but movies and other content to keep him entertained.











petsOf course I can’t forget about my furry kids, my two cats. They might like a new bed to curl up in since the do love to sleep. Even more than sleeping though, they love to hunt the red dot of a laser pointer, so it might be fun to be able to watch and play with them from anywhere with a Wi-Fi pet camera.












gift packages



For various friends and other relatives, there are so many options that will easily fit into the gift price ranges that we set and my budget. For those out of state relatives, I can easily have gifts wrapped and shipped to them, or buy a gift card so they can get what they want.




What’s on your holiday shopping list this year?


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