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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎03-17-2016 07:00 AM

Another St. Patrick’s Day is here, it’s time for people to head out and celebrate in a mass of alcohol-fueled shenanigans. If you are like me, however, wading into a crowd of inebriated fools to pay extra for green beer sounds pretty weary. For those taking the Paddy home this year, I have a list of some of my favorite Irish themed movies to celebrate more comfortably.


The Boondock Saints


The Boondock SaintsThis is actually one of my favorite action movies of all time. When two Irish Catholic immigrant brothers get mixed up in a deadly mob fight, they feel a holy call to arms to save their city from the grips of the mafia. Starring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and Sean Patrick Flanery, these two are pursued by a brilliant FBI agent (William Dafoe) as they try to rid the world of evil by means of the harshest violence imaginable. I went through a time where I watch this movie once a week for almost a year. If you have not seen this one I highly recommend checking it out.




OnceSet in modern day Ireland, a street musician/vacuum cleaner repairman sparks a friendship with a young immigrant panhandler through their mutual love of music. As they grow closer together, they inspire one another to create new music and better each other’s lives. Winner of the 2008 Academy Award for best original song, this movie has an incredible soundtrack that is worth bringing home as well. I saw this movie in the theater during a rough time in my life, so this movie holds a special place in my heart. I highly recommend taking a look at this movie.



The Secret of Kells


The Secret of KellsThis beautifully drawn animated film is perfect for the entire family. Taking place during the age of Vikings, 12 year old Brendan meets the young wolf fairy spirit Aisling after leaving the protected walls of the Abbey of Kells. Defying his Uncle, Brendan seeks to experience the world outside of the Abbey with his new friend. When the mysterious Brother Aiden arrives, Brendan and Aisling help each other find the strength to try to finish an ancient tome of secrets and survive the dangers of the world they live in. I recently just saw this movie and was impressed with the visual artistry as well as the powerful message it sends about living life without fear. Kids or not, I know your family will love this one.



Well that is all I have for this St. Patrick’s Day, next year I should have more for you. Have a good one!

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