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Happy National Coffee Day!

by ‎09-29-2017 08:18 AM - edited ‎10-24-2017 07:31 PM

I remember the day I tasted my first cup of coffee.  A typical middle school student, I wanted to be like the "cool kids" who walked into the neighboring high school with their extra-large iced lattes every day.  Determined to reach their level on the popularity pyramid, I decided to give coffee a try.


With the ceramic cup warming my hands, I breathed in a golden-brown liquid that had a smell I could only describe as resembling a pretzel, and expecting it to taste as such.  Needless to say, it didn't.  


My face cringed as I tried to consume the entire drink, but I failed just a few sips later.  It wasn't until I took a trip in high school with some friends to Costa Rica that I truly fell in love with the taste—and power—of this magical drink.


5282300cv12d.jpgToday, it's easier than ever to handcraft your very own skim milk double-shot macchiatos (with two sugars) from the comfort of home!  My personal favorite home brewing device would be, without a doubt, my faithful Keurig K200 2.0 Plus.  I managed to find it in an off-white color that matched our kitchen's interior perfectly, and I love having the option to brew a nice Cup o' Joe whenever I feel like it.  


Not only is making your own coffee easy and quick, it's cost-effective, too!  Personally speaking, my average cup of coffee from local shops and cafes comes out to around $4.  At Best Buy, you can typically score a 16-pack of Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks® name-brand K-Cup Pods for around $12 each.  I'm not the best at math, but 12 ÷ 16 = $0.75.  That's 75 cents for each cup of coffee, which is quite a bit cheaper than $4!



Sometimes, however, I don't really feel like chugging a French roast in the mornings.  Instead, I might opt for a lighter option, like a nice warm cup of tea.  If this sounds more like you, then you're in luck!  Just pop in a tea K-Cup Pod and in the same amount of time, you'll have a piping hot Chai tea in your hands before you can say "Splenda"!


I'll admit there are occasionally days when I need something a bit stronger than another regular cup of coffee, though.  Some mornings, I just need a shot of espresso.  If this is a regular occurrence for you, fear not!  Chances are you can find an espresso machine that fits your budget here at Best Buy that can help ensure your days start off with a boost.


 Finally, if you're like me, your life is busy enough without having to remember to purchase more supplies when you run low, especially in the kitchen.  With Best Buy's new Easy Replenish™ program, My Best Buy® members can sign up to receive qualifying K-Cup Pods each month, delivered straight to your door with free shipping!


So, what are you waiting for?  Let's get brewing!



on ‎10-27-2017 09:53 PM

@TheWeeklyDeals Isn't it funny how the taste buds can adapt to flavors like that over time?  I remember thinking coffee was the grossest drink in the world, and now I join you in the Starbucks Addict Club!


By definition, a latte is a drink that combines espresso shots with steamed milk.  While a regular Keurig would be unable to brew espresso (as far as I'm aware), one of our espresso machines should be able to help you craft the perfect latte in the mornings!  Some of them even have the ability to steam/froth milk, so I'd recommend taking a look at the various options and features of each model to find the best fit for you.

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