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Happy National Battery Day!

by ‎02-18-2019 11:48 AM - edited ‎02-18-2019 02:15 PM

AAA BatteriesHappy National Battery Day! I’m starting to feel like one of those trolls featured in Trolls Holiday, where they celebrate all the holidays - no matter how absurd or crazy they actually are. Batteries are such an essential part of our daily lives and I’m hoping by sharing my excitement about this holiday will give you some energy, too.


Recently, I’ve become more aware of how often I grab some batteries or just generally use something daily that’s not able to be re-charged. You never know when your TV remote will need a pair of batteries or if you’re parent, your child’s favorite toy. Insignia batteries in all shapes and sizes call my junk cabinet “home”. I’m so excited that an affordable option in a variety of sizes are available to shop on and the selection is only growing.


Let Best Buy take the charge for you, have you heard about our Easy Replenish program? It’s amazing for most of the household items you use regularly like printer ink, K-Cups, and my favorite, batteries! Batteries may not get all the positive glory like other nifty household items, but they can be essential to keep your life on track. For example, if you still use an alarm clock it may have batteries that keep you on time in the event of power outage. It’s batteries that allow you to confidently tell your streaming service, “Yes! I’m still watching” when you’re six episodes into a binge. Take a few minutes to tell your batteries thank you before tossing them, I hope they’re sparking you some joy, too!

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