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Happy Mother's Day! (Call your mother, she misses you!)

by ‎05-07-2021 11:29 AM - edited ‎05-07-2021 02:22 PM

Google Nest.pngRemember what I said earlier about calling your mother?  Aside from it being a cheap ploy to grab your attention, it’s also some pretty good advice.  She worries about you, and wants to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.  Are you eating well?  Did you go to the doctor to get that thing checked out?  You know the one.  My mom is constantly lovingly on my case about this or that, which is why this year I’m planning on picking up a Google Nest Hub Max for her and my dad.  It allows you to video call or leave video messages, completely hands free!  Just say “Hey Google, call Mom”, and poof!  You and mom can chat all day long, and still see each other’s smiling faces, all from the comfort of your own home. 


Sorry!.pngIf your mom is like mine, she’s much more interested in “experiences” as gifts, as opposed to just “stuff”.  Despite my best efforts, gone are the days where I could just draw her a picture to hang on the fridge, or pick some flowers from the park across the street and call it a day.  No, these days it’s all about spending quality time with her, and for our family that means gathering around the dining room table and playing board games.  Whether it’s Monopoly, Sorry!, or The Game of Life, I know my family is going to spend a lot of quality time together this weekend.



HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck and Shoulder Massager.pngNow, celebrating your mother is important for Mother’s Day, but what if you’re a mother yourself?  Well then, I’d say you should treat yourself, girl!  We all know raising kids can be stressful, so it’s important to take care of yourself along with your little ones.  Might I suggest the HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck and Shoulder Massager?  Soothing heat, and a deep kneading motion lets this comfortable wraparound massager reduce stress and tension in your muscles, and is a perfect way to unwind after a long day. 


Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle.png

Speaking of reducing stress, one way I could always tell if my mom was stressed out when I was younger was when she started making tea for herself.  She prefers the old-fashioned method of making tea on the stove, but if you’re a tea drinker like her, you’ll love the convenience of Cusinart’s PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle.  Six preset temperatures, one-touch controls, and an easy to remove cleaning filter, what’s not to love? 





So, what are your plans for Mother's Day this year?  Let us know in the comments below!

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