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H&R Block and Best Buy: Working for you this tax season

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist on ‎03-06-2018 12:46 PM

H&R Block, one of the most trusted names in tax preparation, started back in 1955 when brothers Henry and Richard Bloch started a business to specialize in income tax return preparation. Since its inception, H&R Block has continued to grow, adding more offices throughout the United States.  Keeping up with the times, in 1986 H&R Block was even part of the first successful trial run for electronically filing returns. 


Today, with great tax software that you can download onto your computer, H&R Block gives taxpayers the benefits of step-by-step instructions and accuracy review checks while also allowing them the independence of doing their own taxes.  From the Basic software with great features like being able to import your W-2 and 1099, to the Premium & Business software needed to file Corporate and S Corporation tax returns, H&R Block has the right software for the job. If you make the choice to use H&R Block for your 2017 Tax Year, I highly suggest taking a look at the product comparison chart published here on so you can find the software that is right for you.


H&R Block Versions


Once you’ve chosen the correct level of 2017 H&R Block Software (Basic, Deluxe, Premium, or Premium & Business) it’s time to choose the platform, software format, and filing type needed. The available options may vary based on the level of software and platform selected. For instance, the filing type will only be available for the Deluxe which provides the option to include state filing.


Software Options


It doesn’t matter if you just want the Basic software or Premium & Business option, Best Buy is here for you with our Online Software Installation service.  With this service, a Geek Squad Agent will remotely help you install up to 5 email accounts or software applications.  This means that if you’re not comfortable installing your new H&R Block 2017 Software, you can have a qualified, professional Geek Squad Agent install it for you over the Internet. The final touches these Agents can perform, like setting up a desktop shortcut or a Start Menu item, make all the difference. 


While Best Buy can’t do your taxes for you, we want you to feel confident in your software so you can tackle this task with gusto. And don’t forget, when you get back your refund, visit us for some suggestions on how to get rid of all that extra cash.  Personally, I’m thinking a Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker and Thor: Ragnarok are in my future.  What do you want to buy with your tax refund?




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