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Got Storage? – My Discovery of Network-Attached Storage and Personal Clouds

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎04-10-2017 03:36 PM

WD My CloudAs someone who takes a lot of pictures and has thousands of music files, storage is a big concern for me when it comes to computers and other devices. Recently I was in the market for a new laptop, and I keep hearing how solid state drives are the way to go for many reasons. The idea of going from a 1TB hard drive to a 256 GB drive was super concerning, especially since I didn’t want to have to rely on being connected to an external drive constantly.


Thankfully I work with some pretty tech savvy people and when mentioning my concerns, one co-worker mentioned a NAS (network-attached storage). My blank stare prompted more of an explanation that on the most basic level it involves attaching a USB drive to a router and through special software, it creates storage on your network with potential to be a personal cloud storage device. This very suggestion got me thinking not only the smaller storage space on a SSD could work for me, but left me with all sorts of ideas floating around of being able to access my files from anywhere on any device.



Netgear X8Unsure if I’d be able to figure out the technical aspects of setting up the NAS, I started doing some searching online for what was needed to set it up, and if it would work with the new Netgear router I had gotten earlier in the year. I was extremely happy to find out that not only did my router support this function, but it has a ReadySHARE feature through Netgear, which had the necessary tools built into the router setup.


Using the router and an existing external USB hard drive I had, I was recently able to get this set up using the instructions Netgear provided online. Now I’m easily able to access my files on my own devices at home, but if I need to find a photo my parents want a copy of when I’m at their house, I can easily log in through the ReadyCLOUD site and locate the file and download it to one of their computers.


Now before you get the idea that you have to rush out to buy a new Netgear router, there are many other options that we carry to accomplish NAS or personal cloud storage, which includes hard drives with cloud software built in. While ReadySHARE and ReadyCLOUD are specific to compatible Netgear routers, many other router brands will have similar software built in, especially if the router has a USB port included. For assistance in determining what will best work for you, speak with a BlueShirt in your local store, or feel free to post on our Computers & Tablets board on our Best Buy Support forum.  

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