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Convection: More Powerful Than Ancient Grease

by on ‎10-25-2018 02:00 AM

AirFryer With Food.jpgThere’s nothing more tantalizing than the sound and smell of something sizzling. Crispy bacon, fresh hamburgers, or savory French fries all have one thing in common: grease, it’s the word. America’s love for greasy food runs in our veins, literally. It’s estimated that out of the 600,000 people that die annually due to heart disease in the United States, nearly two-thirds are atributed to unhealthy diets. And, while healthy diets are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to one’s complete health, sometimes a deep-fried Twinkie is just what the doctor ordered and there’s no shame in that, especially on a day like today.


However, there must be a way to not sacrifice the flavor that we’ve all come to know and love while decreasing our cholesterol and other greasy food intake. Allow me to introduce you to a revolutionary new product that will transform the way you cook at home – The AirFryer!


The AirFryer comes in all different shapes and sizes and is made by several different companies ranging from Philips, Chefman, to Gourmia. It utilizes a technology that’s been around for quite some time but was only recentlyChefman AirFryer.jpg introduced on a much smaller scale.


Behold! The power of Convection!


This type of cooking is a great way to evenly cook your food since it employs heat’s natural ability to rise as it circulates the warm air with a fan in all directions around the food. Placing a fan at the top of the Air Fryer under the heated coil allows the hot air to be forced downward, then naturally rises back to the top guided by grooves at the bottom that direct airflow. This creates a fully enclosed space with moving air up to 400 degrees.


This bath of hot air simulates what would happen to food if it were to be submerged and fried in hot oil. Talk about crispy! The best part? Since you’re cooking with air instead of oil, the consumption of these delicious yet deadly fats is greatly reduced.


If you were to ask me, I’d say that greasy food is some of the best food. I love a juicy hamburger or a deep-fried treat on a stick at the state fair, as do many people. What I’m not so much a fan of is the negative effects that grease can have on my body and overall health. Reducing our greasy food intake Gourmia AirFryer.jpgand making the small adjustments in the way we prepare our food is super important and should be something we think about daily. But, today go for the fried chicken, eat that funnel cake, or order the extra-large fry – It’s National Greasy Foods Day!

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