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Celebrate Our Independence Day With Independence Day!

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎06-27-2016 05:45 PM

Independence Day Resurgence

Independence Day Resurgence has hit theaters nearly twenty years after the original, so now is as good a time as possible to talk about one of my favorite movies ever- Independence Day.


I first saw ID4 when I was in sixth grade. Before it came out, I was so excited to see it I actually had dreams of seeing it. When I saw it, it lived up to every expectation I had and more. To this day, I can probably recite the whole film from memory. This movie kicked off an obsession with jets and air combat so strong that I came close to joining the military- it was quite personal for me.


In terms of Hollywood, this movie set off a new era in blockbuster filming. It seemed like every movie that came after it had to be a big, action packed spectacle. Some that came later were better than others, but nothing came close to Independence Day for me.


Now that the new movie is out, you should brush up on your knowledge of the original by picking up a copy here. We would also recommend that you preorder Independence Day Resurgence here. Time to celebrate our Independence Day!

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