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Carpool Karaoke: The Story of a College Commuter

by on ‎09-22-2018 05:52 PM

Whether it be five minutes or an hour, commuting to college can be a daunting task. Well, maybe not so much “daunting”—unless you’ve put off studying for an exam until the night before—but perhaps cumbersome? Depending on the location of your campus in relation to the place you call home, there can be a lot involved with getting to and from class.


Some students bike, others take public transit, and then there’s the brave souls who battle road rage once, twice, or maybe more times than that on a daily basis. The latter breed even has to break out their swords and shields when the time comes to battle over a nearby parking spot. Then, of course, we have the lucky on-campus folk who can wake up ten minutes before class starts and traipse across the commons to their classrooms in matching sweatshirts and sweatpants. Ah, the good old days.


So what do you do when you’re sitting in traffic, waiting for a herd of college students to cross the road? Or perhaps you’re like me, channeling your inner Paul Walker, zooming down the highway to make it to your lecture on time. One way I keep myself entertained along the way is to blast my favorite music (at a legal volume, of course) and sing along where no one can hear my tone-deaf screeching. Another is to play a game from my childhood, where I look for each sequential letter of the alphabet in billboards or license plates nearby. Some of my friends like to stream new episodes from their favorite podcasts, while one particular friend of mine listens to—but doesn’t watch—TV shows. I don’t quite understand how that’s enjoyable since you miss out on nonverbal cues from the characters, but it works for her.


I, on the other hand, have managed to work out my commute to a near-exact science. I’ve timed out how long my trip will be depending on the time I leave, and I carefully queue up a sufficient number of songs from my favorite playlists that’ll last me until I arrive in the parking deck. A bit over the top? Perhaps. But at least I know what song to belt out next in my solo performance of Carpool Karaoke.  

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