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Camping Season is Finally Here!

by Administrator Administrator on ‎05-27-2016 02:09 PM

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to the summer vacationing season. A time for all to enjoy the great outdoorsMagellan Explorist 310 and get out there with nature. Whether you’re in to heavy backpacking, car camping, glamping, or just enjoying a dayat the beach, the summer season has something for everyone.


I myself am planning a thru hike of one of the area’s largest hiking trails this summer. I’ve learned through trial and error that one thing that’s important on every camping trip is planning. Making sure you’re bringing the correct equipment for your situation is paramount for having a good time.  For trips that include hikes or any trails it’s a good idea to bring a handheld GPS unit. These units can help you find your way if you get lost in the woods. They can even be their own source of fun if you’re interested in Geocaching!


Olympus TG-870Camping is all about the memories and getting in touch with nature, either by yourself, or with family and friends. You don’t want to forget all the fun you’re having, or the campsites you’re visiting. Taking a few pictures or videos can help keep those memories live when you come back to your regular life. There’s even some waterproof cameras so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the mud or a lake.


One of the main reasons a lot of us go camping is to have a good time around the fire ring with friends enjoying a fresh fire cooked meal. The problem is a lot of food needs to be refrigerated. That’s no longer a problem with today’s powered coolers. These typically plug into the DC outlet of your car and can keep your food cold for the long trips to your campsite (or even longer if you’re car camping.) Now you can bring the eggs, cheese, lunchmeats, and butter without it spoiling or causing a mess!

 WeatherX Flashlight Radio

After dinner is the perfect time to gather around and tell ghost stories, or snuggle up in your tent with a good book. Of course you need some good lighting to get that really spooky effect. With choices in flashlights up to 250 lumens, you can definitely pull off that creepy look, or make sure you’re can see the pages of your book perfectly. You can even pick up a flashlight with a weather radio and hand crank in case of emergencies.


With all of the technology we have with us, it can sure be a bummer to have your device die while out on the trail. Today’s Power Packs can store enough power to keep you going for days on the trail or at the campsite. Now you virtually never have to worry about being stuck high and dry without your devices.


There’s so much new technology out to help campers and hikers have a happy and safe experience. If you’re just out for a stroll or planning a multi-day thru hike I hope to see you on the trail!



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