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Baby Got...Safety?

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist on ‎09-20-2018 07:00 AM

They say that the laughter of a baby is one of the most comforting and joyous sounds...unless it's the middle of the night, you're home alone, and you don't have a baby; that's just terrifying. But for those of you that do happen to have the pitter-patter of young ones in your home, safety is something that is always on your mind. Babies are fragile little things and making sure that they are safe-guarded against all threats is what can make being a parent so challenging. At least, that's what I hear as I have no children of my own. Luckily, I happen to know a person or two who have had their little bundles of joy delivered, pun intended, and they were gracious enough to share with me some of the top safety tips that they recommend for caring for such precious cargo.


Tip Number 1


Pack ‘n Play


Pack 'n Play.jpg

The name says it all, you pack, and you play! But remarkably, these products, which go by a wide variety of names, are incredibly safe for newborns up to around age three, or 30 pounds whichever comes first. Standards for these products have been set and maintained by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for several years now, so you can be assured that your baby is safe in an enclosed area while you may be elsewhere in the home. Because let's be honest, it's difficult to get things that need to be accomplished done, since life doesn't stop after a child, with a miniature human taking up one arm and half your attention. Products like the 4moms Breeze Plus Playard are designed with both child and parent in mind taking this traditional playset one step further by offering a removable bassinet and changer. Talk about convenience!




Tip Number 2:


Baby Monitor


The baby monitor has had some much-needed TLC since it's invention in 1937 by Eugene F. McDonald. The first monitor, called the Zenith Radio Nurse, worked very similarly to a one-way walkie talkie system allowing parents and caretakers the ability to hear the noises in a baby's room. Since then, monitors have evolved into mini security systems for a nursery. Baby Monitor.jpgMany come equipped with one, even two-way (meaning you can hear noise and respond so that baby can hear you), camera and microphone systems as well as increased audio and video quality. This Motorola Video Baby Monitor with 3.5" Screen comes with many great features that only living in the 21st century can offer. Features like a room temperature gauge, infrared night vision that lets you see in the dark, as well as the ability to add and support additional cameras (not included) and keep an eye on up to 4 rooms in your house at once. What a time to be alive!


Tip Number 3:


Great Camera


This one doesn't necessarily have to do with the overall safety of your child as much as it does with the safety of your heart for the years to come. Making sure that you have a camera, such as the one on your smartphone, to capture all the precious moments that only having a baby can supply is something that will safeguard your heart for when your baby isn't a baby any longer. A great feature to have is the ability for moving pictures, because nothing beats seeing a giddy wiggly baby in lieu of a still frame photo. Features like Live Photo for the Apple iPhone make this possible and take your photos to the next level (Similar applications can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for android devices).


                                                      Baby Photo 2.png


Having a baby is a whirlwind of emotions, stress, love and joy. There are many things to worry about when it comes to caring for such a precious little being, so safety is always important in all aspects. Thankfully, advances in technology have made it one of the safest times to be a baby, and parents are at a huge advantage to have these kinds of products at their disposal. Finding the right products for you and your child, ones that will grow with them, are great tools as they will save resources and efforts in the long run. Investing in the proper tools and devices for your child may be the one thing that helps you to sleep like a baby.



on ‎09-23-2018 10:24 AM

Great call out.  This area and pet products are really an area that Best Buy could expand more.  Parents of children and pets will buy anything for their baby.  I should know, i have a pet child and I would do most anything to ensure her comfort and safety.  I know there is not really room in the stores to expand the pet area especially but some in store and some online would be awesome.  After all if it were not a thriving market there would not be stores like Petsmart and Petco.  Children also are a huge area where we could expand.  I see we are doing a great job getting in toys and i'm sure that will increase more as we get closer to the holidays.  With the demise of TRU that is truly a market where our customers can shop with us and get the fun toys their kids want.  We are much more than an electronics store.  We are a fill your every need kind of place when it comes to children and adult "toys".   I love working here and seeing the new things we get every week.  I'm also a life long customer for both my tech but also things for my furbaby and my grandbaby. 

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