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April Fool's! Or is it?

by on ‎04-01-2019 03:25 PM

Often overlooked by many, April Fool’s Day is one of my top three favorite holidays of the year (second only to Christmas and New Year’s).  I find the first day of April to be a time of exploration, experimenting, and channeling your inner creativity to become the best prankster possible.  In recent years, the holiday has even been recognized by companies who want to connect with their customers in a uniquely comical way.  From fast-food chains who announce mythical limited-edition meals, to Google—who announced a fake all-blue version of Gmail in 2013—everyone loves a good April Fool’s Day prank.


To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a true appreciation for April 1 until high school.  It was only then that I had formed a solidified friend group with which I could joke around and not worry about anyone getting their feelings hurt from trivial pranks.  I recall one spring afternoon where I bought a fake nose ring, hair dye, and tattoo stickers to give myself a complete makeover.  The looks I got when I walked into school that day made it clear everyone had forgotten what day it was and thought I had gone off the deep end.  Needless to say, my bright red hair, fake septum piercing, and dragon tattoo didn’t impress the teachers.


The real joke here is that I’ve crossed off those same three items on my bucket list (if you can even call It that) just a few years later: my hair is bleached, my nose is pierced (for real this time), and I have a couple of actual tattoos (and yes, some of them did hurt).  Anyway, that’s beside the point.


April Fool’s Day is more than just pulling one over on your friends and family; it’s the time for you to think outside of the box.  What kind of pranks border on what’s possible and what’s a bit too unrealistic to believe?  Those, I believe, are the best kind.  After all, it’s easy to come up with something far-fetched, but it’s arguably much more difficult to formulate a joke or statement that people will find believable and humorous.  If I—a man—were to walk into work and declare that I won the lottery, I’d probably get a few eyerolls from my colleagues and a chuckle here and there if I were lucky.  On the other hand, if I were to sprint into the office carrying a box filled with what appeared to be $100 bills, I’m sure my teammates would be much more inclined to find out how my luck had turned around.


Unfortunately, I haven’t decided who to prank this year and how I plan to do it.  Considering today is April 1, I may be a bit too late; but, the way I look at it, this just gives me extra time to prepare for next year.  Friends, family, and colleagues: beware.



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