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A Halloween Poem

by on ‎10-31-2018 12:01 AM



‘Twas Halloween Day,
And all through the store,
The Blue Shirts were preparing
To let customers through the door.

Geek Squad was ready
To save the day, 
Should tech horror stalk
Any Client’s way.

First came Mr. Smithers,
looking ahead this year,
he purchased security, cameras, and video doorbells 
to know when trick-or-treaters are near.


Next came Miss Kate,
Preparing the outside of her home
with speakerslights, and heaters,
and a ghost tied to a drone


Then came Mary and Marty,
seeking to add thrills to their night
they grabbed a karaoke machine and Ouija board
and their favorite movie frights

Last came the Johnson family,
planning a soiree for the ages,
they got ready to make carnival food
and purchased an outdoor projector package


The manager closed the gate and sighed,
the employees leaving the scene,
She called behind them, “Remember to be safe tonight,
And to all, a Happy Halloween!

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