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5 Minutes Peace – A Mother’s day tale

by ‎05-04-2016 03:06 PM - edited ‎05-04-2016 03:09 PM


5 Minutes Peace – A Mother’s day tale


All hail to the mothers. The creators of life, the nurturers, and the one we can always count on no matter what. You have to admit, Mothers juggle a lot within their everyday lives. In between working, being a maid, chef, psychiatrist, tutor, and protector (whew, I’m getting tired just thinking about all of it). I think it’s only accurate to compare them to duct tape as they seem to have the ability to fix anything! Mothers are selfless, dedicated and invested in everyone else’s happiness, they deserve every bit of celebration for the one day of the year dedicated to them.


As a child I remember reading 5 Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy. I remember wondering why Mrs. Large would intentionally want to take time away from her children, and finding it amusing when the children repeatedly interrupted. I think I saw a bit of myself in the characters. Fast forward many years and 2 children later I can finally grasp why a few moments of peace is essential for a woman’s sanity. 


Mrs. Large wanted only 5 minutes to soak in the tub while reading the newspaper and enjoying a warm cup of tea. It may not sounds like a lot but that is what she wanted and by golly that’s what she deserves. The path to serenity isn’t paved with yellow bricks leading all mothers to bliss; we all have different methods of remaining calm when the world drives us wild, and we all have different outlets. Whether your mother finds solace in being pampered, trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest, checking out the latest technology or getting those endorphins going with a workout, rest assured we have her covered!

Pureguardian Spa.jpg


Transform her office or bedroom into an oasis with this PureGuardian - Deluxe Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Add a few drops of her favorite essential oil and turn the lights off, then watch the atmosphere shift to a relaxing oasis.

Samsung Gear VR.jpg

Haven’t had a chance to take her on the vacation she’s been begging for? Don’t worry! Take her moving watching and mobile game playing to an entirely new level with the Samsung – Gear VR. She’ll get to experience a new world in the comfort of your home (and your wallet).


If competition is the name of her game, and she has to beat the high score even if it’s her own, I’d recommend the Fitbit – Charge HR Activity tracker. This device will keep track of her day to day activities so she can push herself to the limits. There is no greater feeling than seeing your hard work at the gym pay off by fitting into those skinny jeans.FitBit.jpg


And, after a long day of doing… whatever, a chilled glass of wine can take the much needed tension away. With the Insignia – 8 bottle wine cooler, she’ll have her favorite selection ready to pour. She may even let you have a glass ;-)


Insignia Wine Cooler.jpg

Whether you go with one, two or all of these ideals I’m sure either of these will allow the mother in your life to have her 5 Minutes of Peace!

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