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video game order gone awry (contacted chat support, step?)

Through my account I purchased today a nintendo switch game which I found out too late that it was actually the digital code version of the game. I intended to give this as a gift to a child that only has physical copies and quite honestly, giving a kid a code for a game (especially one that would be just in my email or hand written) seems pretty lame by comparison to what they're used to.


This code has no use to me and after contacting chat support and asking for a refund or some other type of compensation (I just wasted $60+tax after all) I was told that nothing could be done. I still need to buy the physical version of the game, as this seems to be the best action going forward.


However, I figured since the code is Nintendo's and they had more of a flexability in helping cases like this, I contacted them both through chat support and then through their outreach team phone number as suggested by the chat agent. I ended up speaking to a supervisor on the phone that said there would be a helpful solution here but because I bought the code through BB and NOT Nintendo directly, that they don't have any options on what to do with a code that isn't theirs.


The supervisor suggested me to contact BB again, giving me a phone number for a general customer service line. Since this whole thing has become quite the mouthful to explain, I feel like at least for right now that I would have better luck typing it out all here.


I was in a hurry to buy and didn't notice the very (VERY) subtle difference between the physical and digital game item since they were both the same price and had nearly identical pictures. Just my luck that I clicked on the wrong one.


I still need to buy this game however, and depending on the type of response, I may just look elsewhere to get it. After all, I can't think of many people that are completely fine with throwing away $60...

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Re: video game order gone awry (contacted chat support, step?)

Hello, bigsoups,


Welcome back to our Best Buy forum community!


I know you probably put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect gift, so it hurts to hear that you got the digital version by mistake. As someone who is trying to think of good gifts for kids myself, I can certainly understand how you feel that giving them a physical game is more fun than gifting a digital code for them to play. 


Our Return & Exchange Promise does state that digital downloads are considered a non-returnable item, but I know what it's like to shop in a rush and accidentally purchase the wrong item. While I can't make any promises to a certain result, I'd like to look into this situation further and review possible options.


For me to get started, can you please use the "Private Message" option below to send over your full name, phone number, email and order number?



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