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spent 5 hours trying to get a $3 tip for a charger


I'm very irritated. I searched for a power supply for an acer spin 1 laptop on bestbuy,com and found a platinum 65 universal charger on sale. it said it had a tip for acer. i ordered it. this has been a total can of worms.

the n11 tip is a hair bigger than 3x1.1mm. i need an n9 tip. it didn't come with the charger.

it took me plenty of time to figure this fact out. the tip configurator didn't have the model of laptop i was searching for. i had to research specs on a spin 5, look at another charger on amazon that had a compatible tip, and figure out if the insignia and platinum charger tips were compatible. i did all the work and all the rep had to do was get me a tip. charges $10 for a single tip. the charger i got said they'll give you a new tip if the one you need isn't in the box. a rep on the phone said i could go to the store to pick it up faster, rather than waiting in the mail, and i could see if it actually worked. the rep on the tip configurator number didn't know what size an n9 was, couldn't figure out if it would work for an acer spin 1, and didn't know if the insignia and platinum tips were compatible. all he knew was that n9 was a small tip.

i went to best buy, and was in a hurry to get this done on my break from work. the rep at the front didn't know what a tip for a power supply was. he said he'd get me someone in computers to help. i waited. i had to flag down a rep that was standing around doing nothing. i told him this story.

i basically walked him over to the power supplys. i showed him my reciept from the online purchase. i told him i just need an n9 tip. it probably costs the company about 3 bucks to make. they have thousands. he looked at his phone for a few minutes and told me he can't figure out if there is an n9 tip in any of the boxes. they are selling open box power supplies. i grab a 65w insignia universal charger. i show him the tips on the side of the box, say it's an open box, and ask him to open the box. let's see buddy, maybe it's in there. so we walk to the desk and he opens it up. he looks at the package of tips. oh, look, an n9 tip. yes, bro, that's what i need. i knew what i was talking about. i shoulda measured the darn tip while i was there.

so, here is my main complaint. this rep, who barely had a clue what i was talking about or needed, and probably didn't care about my business, seemed to definitely know what to say when i told him my story, and let him know that i was under the impression that i could come to a store and simply get the tip i needed. keep in mind, there were about 6 of these insignia chargers on the rack and i think someone can figure out how to order one package of tips.

he said something along the lines of, "we don't sell individual tips here. in order to get this tip, you must buy the whole box. do you have the other charger? would you like to exchange it?"

the charger i bought was $80 on sale, open box, for $30. so for kicks i asked, "how much is it?"

he rings it up and hesitates, "well it's $59.99, BUT it's an open box so that will save you some. it's $44.99 (or whatever)"

so i say thanks and walk my behind out the door, tipless.

fortunately the tip configurator rep, in his ignorance, said he would just mail me the tip because he had no idea what else to do. so it's in the mail. but frankly, i'm about to stick this charger and the working tip up best buy's rear end, get my money back and buy a $15 charger at wal-mart.

but yeah, whoever's reading this, if you wanna call the best buy in bloomington, il and tell them to put an n9 tip aside with my name on it, then call me when it's ready for me to pick up (so i don't have to wait an hour on hold with customer service, just to be ignored and hung up on), that'd might make up for this can of worms i have opened. but i can assure you, i will not be paying $10 for a stupid tip that you couldn't figure out for me.

i could have bought the new charger with an n9 (not labeled by size but brand), had i just worked at my job for the 5 hours i've spend trying to get this charger. and that's not counting this message.

but, my money and time is already spent, so you either give me a tip and i'll keep the stupid platinum and have an extra tip, or i wait for the tip in the mail, go back to the store and get a full refund, and keep the tip. thanks.


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Re: spent 5 hours trying to get a $3 tip for a charger

The stores don't sell the tips separate from the chargers as far as I know.

Acer is using 'schenzin tech' (evoo) for some if Thier cheaper models which are not using the traditional Acer tips.
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Re: spent 5 hours trying to get a $3 tip for a charger

Also assuming it takes a 19 volt charger, some if those Flippy ones take a 12 volt
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Re: spent 5 hours trying to get a $3 tip for a charger

Good afternoon, bfeldy,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  From our brick and mortar stores, to our phone and chat support teams, we hope all our associates are well-versed in not only our policies, but the products we carry as well.  While it’s disappointing to hear your experience with the associate you’re referring to at our Bloomington, IL store didn’t go as smoothly as we would have hoped, I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us.


We can’t hope to improve the level of service we’re able to provide our customers without insights like this, so I’m glad you were able to find our Support Forums and call our attention to this matter.  Please know I’ll be fully documenting your feedback here at our Corporate Headquarters, to ensure it’s visible to the appropriate parties, so we might address any coaching or training opportunities that may present themselves.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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