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security breach

I received an email about a purchase i did not make at BestBuy.  I called bestbuy a few hours after the purchase was made and recieved no help  The first person I spoke to was useless. I tried again and spoke with a different agent. he at least tried to help me but ultimatley told me there was nothing he could do to stop the order.I did all i thought to do to cancel the order 


I find it hard to believe you can not stop a ordrer that has not been shipped. Your agent told me my information would be forwarded to fraud to see if there was something they could do.  I  was told to contact the police and my bank.


Why am i doing all the leg work . meanwhile i have to dispute a charge i did not make , wait for the investagation to be completed  before my money could be returned.  


initially i thought it was an inside job ( and it could still be the case) my information was used to make a purchase and delivered to an address in the same city i live in. ( the delivery was made today )


No one in your company has contacted me or seems to care there is a breach in your security or that fraud has taken place.  i can honestly say i will never shop on you site again and let people know there is yet another breach in your security

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Re: security breach

Hello, Miracles2020, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum. I can understand wanting to look into a suspected fraudulent charge to your account, as I would also be doing all I could to get to the bottom of things in this kind of situation. Per our privacy policy, we are limited to the information we can give out in situations like this.


It sounds like you've taken all necessary steps on your end to address this situation. Please know that Best Buy will generally not reach out to you after the incident/order is reported, however Best Buy will cooperate with the authorities in their investigations. More about reporting fraud can be found here:


Help with Unauthorized Orders on


If you have additional questions or concerns please let me know!


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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