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"We couldn't verify your info, so we canceled order #" repeatedly occurring on an ElitePlus account

I have been a loyal Elite Plus member of Best Buy for years. This year, strange issues have happened. From orders being stolen by delivery drivers (LSO, it happened in March), to the dreaded recurring error of "We couldn't verify your info, so we canceled order #" on my account, I wonder what has happened. 


It is utterly ridiculous that I tried to order the recent hot item, Game and Watch Super Mario Bros. edition, and I followed all the procedures. I waited in line (digitally), put in the same account info that I have had for years, selected my payment method, and voila, product had been ordered. THEN, out of nowhere an error I received earlier this week for another unrelated product to this order, had the error message "We coudln't verify your info, so we canceled order #" pop up on my emails and texts. Nothing on my account has changed, and I already addressed the issue (a link to click in the text message) to resolve my account info, EARLIER THIS WEEK. Thankfully, I was able to re-order the product where this error occured earlier this week, but not today with the Game and Watch. 


The Game and Watch has strict order limits for 1 per account, which is a good thing. What is not a good thing, is that Best Buy without my consent cancelled the first order. No big deal, I'll order another. Nope. Best Buy took my first CANCELLED order as the 1 for my account. So, every time I try and re-order the product, it is cancelled for "Violating quantity limits". This is outrageous, honestly. 


By the time this post is acknowledged the product will most likely be sold out and re-sold on 3rd party websites at a huge profit margin, while I, a loyal Elite Plus member have to miss out on it due to an ignorant mistake by Best Buy systems, customer service reps, or whatever happened to trigger "We couldn't verify your info, so we canceled order #" on my account, TWICE IN ONE WEEK. 


If someone from Customer Service, Customer Support, or anyone at Best Buy could please reach out to me and let me know excatly what I can do to resolve this outrageous and annoying error that is strangely occuring on my account, I would lose some of the frustration. The dissapointment on missing a limited release product, however, will stay unelss there's a miracle and my order can be restored or something similar.