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problem with orders canceling

For about a year now, every time I attempt to place an order with my Best Buy credit card, i get an email about 10 minutes afterward that my order has been canceled.  I get the  "your information could not be verified" message.

I have gone over all of my info, and it is correct. I have called Best Buy 4 or 5 times already about it,  probably wasted about 3 hours combined, and have had to explain it over and over, because Best Buy forwards me to the Bank customer service, and then they send me back to best buy customer service, in a loop. Everyone is saying everything looks okay and its someone else's problem. Meanwhile I  still can't order online with my card. I requested a problem ticket several times over the phone, and never heard back for a resolution.   This was several months ago last time I tried. It was about a year ago the last time I tried to get this resolved. Posting here is my latest attempt to get some help.

As you can imagine, this sort of thing is incredibly frustrating. I have disablity and do most of my shopping online because it is difficult for me to do in person. On my last order for a camera, it once again canceled...tried it several times.  i knew exactly what i needed and decided to just go get it in person. I then had to wait for 20+ minutes for someone to come help me get the item (it was locked up). I do not want to have to do something like this again, I was in pain.

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Re: problem with orders canceling

Hello there, Will.


Thanks for becoming a new member of our Best Buy Community Forums. We understand how frustrating it can be experiencing the cancellation of an order. Now even more so, as you’ve requested assistance with this in the past. I’m so sorry that you were inconvenienced by having to initiate multiple phone calls, and then finally to go into the store.

I’d be happy to see if there is anything I can do to find out why your orders are repeatedly cancelling.  For me to do that, would you send me a private message with your recent order number, your full name, phone, and email?

Sending a private message is really easy.  Just click on the darker colored box to the far right of my signature below.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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