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payment issues with order


I preordered the fallout 76 power armor edition and I just got an email reguarding payment issues and I need to update payment information and that I have 24 hours to do or it will get cancelled. The wierd part is that when I click the link to update the payment information all looks good and payment is verified and there is no way to change the payment information. Is the payment good and valid or do I need to update? Also, are all of orders in jeopardy of being cancelled on This is not the first time I am having issues with my debit card, lately, with The card works elsewhere but does not seem to work well on the site. 

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Re: payment issues with order

Edit: It seems to happen with another order with another card, credit card, that went through fine.As I stated in the previous post, are all my orders on in jeopardy of being cancelled. Note: I am talking about all of orders on and not just these two.

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Re: payment issues with order

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Hello projectgamma,


Welcome back to our community! Thank you for choosing to pre-order your copy of Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition with us. Experiencing any order related issues with a sought after pre-order can certainly be concerning. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to post to our community.


Most payment related issues need to be resolved within 24 hours from the time you had received that email letting you know there was an issue present. Giving our teams a call at 1-888-BESTBUY or at (888) 237-8289 would be the best way to resolve those kind of issues. I understand it can be frustrating when payment related issues have been sparked on more than one order for you recently. Have you discussed your concerns with your financial institutions to ensure that everything is okay on their end?  Can you please send me a private message with your order numbers, your full name, and phone number? I’d be happy to review your orders to see if I’d be able to shed some further light on this matter for you. You can send me a private message with those details by selecting the option to do so next to my name at the bottom. I look forward to your reply!



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