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no APO tracking information

Good afternoon,


I placed an order for the Dell G7 4 March 2019 and have only received the email stating "order shipped".  When I go to tracking information it states the order is processed and is waiting for UPS to pick up(it is currently 13 March).  When I called customer support they had no idea where the order was or what the status is other than "its on its way".  It has been 9 days with no information, this is unsatisfactory.  I would like resolution and more information as to where my order is.  The expected date of delivery is 2 April(understandibly since its shipping to an APO address while I am deployed...). 



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Re: no APO tracking information

Hey, greenlantern700,


Thanks for the post! I know when I order something I watch the tracking information pretty closely. 


I'd be happy to look into this and double-check the status. To do so, I'd just ask that you send a private message with the following information: 




-Phone number

-Order number





Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: no APO tracking information



I have still not received my laptop.  As of 3 APR the laptop was indicating it was still in New York awaiting USPS pickup.  This was very unsatisfactory since the status did not change for over 2 weeks.  I called Customer Support 3 APR and requested a REFUND since I dont know where I'm going to be in the upcoming weeks and wont have time to wait around for months for a product I never received.  I purchased the product on a credit card and currently enjoy the luxary of paying interest on a product that never shipped, not very thrilled with my my experience with Best Buy and wont be recommending them to any friends in the future.  Considering I am paying interest on a product that never shipped and that the price dropped $100 a week after my purchase this experience has been very poor.



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Re: no APO tracking information

Welcome back to the Best Buy forums, Henry, 


I'm wanting to take a closer look at your order now that it appears to have passed the expected arrival date.  Knowing you're unsure of your whereabouts in the next couple of weeks, I too, am wanting to see if I can't lend a helping hand to your order!  

Please send me a private message containing the same information requested by the other moderator.  Your full name, phone number, email address, and order number is all that I need to explore some options!

Click the blue button in my signature line below to get started!

JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: no APO tracking information

Good day all,

I would like to make this public knowledge. Over a month and a half ago I purchased a product($1519). It was supposed to arrive 29 days later. Best buy gladly charged my credit card Immediately and sat on the product for two weeks before shipping. I have been in contact with several agents over the phone at a foreign call center who were all lost and gave me incorrect information instead of taking the time to find out the true facts. After that failed I came here to get in contact with the more knowledgeable folks only to be equally frustrated by people whom I can only guess work at the same foreign call center.(Karina, JJ, and Luke).

All if these people gave me misleading or incorrect information and did not assist me. In the end all I got was a refund and "I'm sorry"(as if that will make up for all the time, effort, and interest on my credit card they wasted....).

I am completely unsatisfied and will not shop at busy buy not will I recommend their service to anyone else in the future (unless they do something extraordinary to correct these grievances)


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Re: no APO tracking information

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