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iPhone 14 Pro Max Preorder issues

Hello Best Buy team,


I've been having a hard time preordering the iPhone 14 Pro Max. I am a total tech member and want to purchase it at Best Buy so I get the Applecare+.


I went on the Best Buy website to preorder today, selected iPhone 14 Pro Max, Verizon, 256GB, selected 36mo and clicked next. Then I selected yes when it asked if I am a Verizon customer, yes to trade in but after I hit next, instead of it going to the trade in screen to select your trade in device and select your unlimited plan for the promo, it completely skips it and goes to the login screen for Verizon to do a credit check consent and completely bypasses the trade-in making it so you can't get any trade-in promo credits.


Since I got locked out after 3 attempts and it said I can't login for 24 hours, because my PIN is now locked after trying to redo it 3 times, I decided to preorder the phone without my trade-in. How can I fix this when I get my phone on release day so that I get the trade in promo from Verizon and adjust my contract payments? I don't want to cancel my preorder cause I really want the phone on release day.


I think the website is broken for preorder and needs to be fixed. Please help as I'm sure I'm probably not the only one having this issue. Thank you.

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Re: iPhone 14 Pro Max Preorder issues

Hi krissy182,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! We appreciate you reaching out to us here, though I'm concerned to hear you're having these issues when trying to pre-order the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. I certainly understand that could be frustrating. To help us look into this and assist you further, can you send me a private message that includes your full name, email address, and phone number? You can do so by clicking the blue button to the right of my signature.


Best Regards,

Caleb|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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