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gift card not activated

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I received a Steam gift card as a Christmas gift from my son-in-law.  He purchased it on line{removed per forum guidelines}on 12/8/18.  When I tried to use it I found out that it was never activated. I contacted Steam and they said that they could not help me, and to contact Best Buy.  I took the card into your store in Noblesville, IN and supervisor Lindsay

{removed per forum guidelines} said she could not help me since it was purchased on line. I asked her to place the call for me and the customer service rep told me he could not help me because I was not the original purchaser.   I told my son-in-law who was the original purchaser to call and he told me that all he got was a "bit of a run-a-round" and he was "waving the white flag". Is it possible that you really don't care at all that we have been essentially robbed of $50 due to your negligence in not properly activating the card when the on line order was filled?

Is this the way you want to handle legitimate customer service requests?


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Re: gift card not activated

Hello, Zoster,


Welcome to our Forums and Community.


I can imagine the excitement it was to receive your Steam gift card from you son-in-law. With the big sales Steam has, I am sure $50 can go along way. We wouldn't want you to miss out on using the gift card.


However, as our supervisor Lindsay mention, we are unable to provide any information as unless we work directly with the original purchaser. Due to our privacy policy, we are required to partner with your son-in-law. 


Is it possible for him to reach to us via his own Forum account?


We certainly would like to help and find out what is possible.



Ken|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: gift card not activated

No.  I'm not going to ask him to hassel any further with this mess.  Consider the $50 a corporate contribution.  I think we have both learned our lesson.