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galaxy s10 pre0rder promo

I preordered the S10 on February 24th so I could get the Samsung Earbuds free.  A few days before the release date, I get an email saying that my Galaxy S10 order is delayed.  On March 9 I call customer service and they transfer me to the back offce to help me out.  They tell me its someting to do with the shipping store and they'll make sure it goes out in the next day or two.  On March 14 I call customer service again as I still have not received my phone.  They transfer me again to the back office.  The agaent says they will try to reach out to the shipping store again to get it shipped.  Then a couple of hours later I get a call from that agent saying that they will cancel the order but not to worry about the free earbud promo.  I will still qualify if I go into the store and purchase the phone.  All I need to do is provide Samsung with my cancelled Best Buy order number.

Today I try to submit to Samsung for the earbuds but it got rejected.  

I am so disappointed in this whole purchasing experience.  I will think twice about preordering my next phone from Best Buy

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Re: galaxy s10 pre0rder promo

Good morning, elite808,


Welcome to our community.  I always get excited when the time comes to upgrade my phone, but I’m sure discovering a free offer would fuel the fire and encourage me to make the jump even sooner.  I was unhappy to read of the confusion with your pre-order and that its cancellation resulted in your being unable to redeem the sponsored promotion with Samsung for a pair of Galaxy Buds.


The full terms of this offer and instructions to redeem your offer can be found at the bottom of this page, but to summarize, cancelled orders would not qualify for this offer.  We’re aware that a handful of orders have been delayed, and we are encouraging affected customers to contact Samsung to determine possible options for this promotion since the offer is fulfilled exclusively through them; I would be unable to speak to their process for delayed orders.


I realize this may not be the outcome you were wanting, but I hope this clarifies a few things.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please be sure to let me know.  Thank you for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: galaxy s10 pre0rder promo

I cant beleive that you're trying to pass this on to Samsung. I should not need to contact Samsung as it's not their fault as to why my order was cancelled.  I was told by the Best Buy customer service agent that the delay in my preorder was because of the Best Buy location that was fulfilling the order.  The agent stated that it was in stock and it shoud ship.

Aftfer my order got cancelled, I got a call from a Best Buy agent also letting me know that they cancelled my order.  I was also told at that time that I will still be able to qualify for the free earbuds if I went into the store to purchase (which I did).  All I needed to do was submit my claim with my pre order BBY..... number.  I then immediately went to the Costa Mesa location to purchase the phone. (I live in Hawaii and was traveling in California at the time)  At the time of purchase, I questioned the person that was assititng me with the purcahse regarding the earbuds.  She also had stated that it would not be a problem in getting them.  All I needed was my BBY order number. Once again, I feel that I should not need to conatct Samsung but it's Best Buy who should take responsibilty in this as I was missled by three Best Buy team members.  

After spending a lot of money with Best Buy this past 12 months and being an Elite memeber, I think you should think twice about just passing the buck onto Samsung.