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eGift Card Authorization Failed, Balance Went to 0, Never Refunded, and Best Buy Stealing My Money

I had the worst customer service experience at Best Buy both through phone and in-store ever. 


I had several egift cards that I was trying to use. However, with my last online order, only one gift card was able to go through. Rest of the gift cards were showed as "authorization failed". But after that, all of the gift card showed 0 balance. I called customer service, talked to 3 representatives, and the last person asked me to cancel the order and wait for 24 hours for the refund, so I did.


Today my balance for these several gift cards were not refunded and still remained at 0. I called the customer service again, this time it was much worst! I talked to more than 6 representatives on phone who played ping pong with me, transfered me from one department to another, but no one was actually trying to help. One representative even said it was a problem with the gift card company and asked me to talk to them! But I was able to use the same set of egift cards in store, and I used a card that I used for this order on a previous online order. All of the previous transaction went through just fine. If I could use the exact same card before, why did the customer service person say it was the gift card company's fault?


The worst part was - there was only one card that was able to went through and got refunded, but after talking to one of the customer service people on phone today, he voided that card so now the card has 0 balance! It had $500 dollar before the custormer service phone call and now it has no money in it at all!!!!! Best Buy, are you trying to steal money from us and scam us?????


Frustrated with making multiple phone calls and talked to at least 10 customer service people, getting bounced between department and no one was care to help, I actually went into a physical store. In store, we asked to speak to a manager, but the manager did not care at all either! She just kept telling us to go home and make phone calls. It felt like she just wanted us to go away!


No one even tried to help us both in-store and over the phone. And even the eGift card with balance before has no balance after customer service phone call. Best Buy, please do not ignore your own system problems. Please help your customers when problem occurs. That is how a company can grow!

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Re: eGift Card Authorization Failed, Balance Went to 0, Never Refunded, and Best Buy Stealing My ...

Hey there, BingLim,


Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our Forum! Nothing beats saving some cash by using a gift card, so I understand looking for some help here. When an order is cancelled, funds should typically go back to the original form of payment, but that was clearly not the case this time.


I would like to take a closer look into your order and see how I can help out. To get started, please send me a private message using the blue button in my signature. If you could share your full name, phone number, email and order number, that would be greatly appreciated.

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