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delayed delivery

We have isolated ourselves in our house to minimize coronavirus exposure. A few days after we did this, our tv died. We ordered a new one from Best Buy on-line (27 Mar) and received a projected delivery date for five days later (1 Apr). The morning of the projected delivery, we received a message saying there had been a delay. This is a problem for a couple reasons.


For one, this is a load of bull!!!! We knew from a couple days after the order that a problem existed--order status never moved to shipped and the charge on our card remained pending. You cannot convince us that Best Buy did not know from within a day or two of the order that there would be a delay. They did not have the decency to tell us and we now have no projected delivery. We are now sitting around in isolation with no tv to veg out in front of and escape our problems for a few minutes. Of all the times to pull this sort of corporate crap, during periods of isloation in a pandemic is probably the worst.


The other problem is that we cannot seem to be able to cancel the order even though the delay notification and other on-line statements indicate that can be done. We no longer want this order and have already ordered a tv from another source. If a tv ever comes from Best Buy, we will simply decline delivery. At least the charge on our card appears to have gone away. If it appears again, we will contest it.


Some good friends of ours had a problem with Best Buy three or four years ago but we thought the situation might have been the odd occurrence. Looks like that is not the case. Never again, Not-the-Best Buy. Bye-bye.

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Re: delayed delivery

Hello, @tudball


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Re: delayed delivery

It took three weeks for Best Buy to reply to my message and the best that could be done is some automated sort-of-applicable response? Unbelieveable! It would have been better to not send anything. I am not a complainer: in fact, I am too nice a person and try my best to deal positively with whatever life throws at me. This whole situation, however, is just ridiculous. I spent several years of my working life in customer service for a new car dealership (a service dept. deals with nothing but people's problems). Best Buy has demonstrated some of the most outrageous examples of what NOT to do to your customers. No better way to push customers away.


Back in the beginning of this whole situation, I gave Best Buy the opportunity to keep me as a customer but, they did not show the least bit of interest in helping me. I even tried to cancel the order and save them shipping costs but, even though the website said I should be able to, I could not get their system to do so. In the end, the tv I ordered from Best Buy never made it off the delivery truck--I refused it right then and there. I had already ordered a tv from another source and received it in five days (counting the weekend) using their standard shipping process.


Way to go Best Buy. No wonder the company is in trouble.