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can't register with an international phone number

Hello, I'm trying to create an account so I can order headphones and pick them up at a store, but apparently I can't do that with an international phone number. I live in Brazil and I'll be traveling to Orlando in July, so I want to be sure what I want is available when I'm there, because I know that it's not currently available at the store I'll be going. Since I don't have an American phone number, I can't even register, so that makes me unable to order anything. Is there a way I can register or is my only choice to just hope they have the headphones I want to buy?

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Re: can't register with an international phone number

You'll need to follow the guidelines for international ordering here:


Please be sure you read all the terms and conditions as you will need these to process your order.



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Re: can't register with an international phone number

Well, I had already read that but I still have the phone number problem when registering, it doesn't say anything about that.

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Re: can't register with an international phone number

Hi there, marinamachado!


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Forums! 


I understand you are looking to place an international order and pick it up while you are visiting in the United States. hockeycanuckjc offers some great advice that I recommend checking out before you try placing an international order on With regards to the phone number requirement, we typically recommend entering the phone number of the person receiving or picking up your order in the United States. Since you will be picking the order up yourself, we would recommend entering your phone number in that field. I understand that the full number may not be able to be entered in that field since it is an international phone number, so I would recommend leaving out the country code and seeing if that will fit in the field. Even if you are not able to enter your complete phone number in the field, you should still be okay as we typically will send order confirmation and updates via email to the email address provided with the order.


Also, please take note of the billing address provided in the link that hockeycanuckjc has provided, as you will need to use it in place of your actual billing address if you will be using an international payment method.


Please let us know if you have any other questions! 



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Re: can't register with an international phone number

I also have a problem. I hope they help me here.