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best buy sends my package to a wrong address and forces me to pay

On October 9, 2022, I bought a macbook pro m1 14' valued at $1740.92 through the Best buy website. Initially I was going to pick up the package but I couldn't, so I requested the change of name of the pick-up person. The Best buy agent told me that since it was a product of more than $1,500, the name could not be changed, so I chose to program it as shipping. When entering the details of the shipment to the system, it appeared to me with a wrong zip code, to which I immediately communicated through the Best buy chat where they told me that they themselves would update the address and that it would be reflected in the system in a couple of hours. Two hours passed and seeing that the address did not change, I communicated repeatedly through the chat, where they told me that the address change had been made and that FedEx had the correct address (I have all the screenshots of the conversations to corroborate it).


On Wednesday, October 12, FedEx told me that the laptop had been delivered, BUT I HAD NOT RECEIVED MY PACKAGE. Despite my repeated communications, when communicating with Best buy through the chat, THEY ADMIT that the laptop was indeed delivered to another address (again, I have the screenshot and transcript of the conversation) and they suggest that I cancel the order, indicating that I they would return the money in a billing cycle.


On October 21, I received an email from Best buy in which they told me that the investigation has ended and that they cannot give me a refund, however they never told me that there was going to be an investigation, nor why they are not returning the money.


I have contacted the customer support line, I have opened numerous disputes on this subject and the answer continues to be that the refund is inadmissible. They don't tell me why though. I have requested many times to review the chat where THE STORE ADMITS SENDING THE PACKAGE TO THE WRONG ADDRESS but it seems that your investigation team does not review all of their own chat history.


I demand an answer as to why the refund is inadmissible, having evidence that the error was on the part of Best Buy.

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Re: best buy sends my package to a wrong address and forces me to pay

Hello and thanks for reaching out on our Forums, katsmaria.


As someone who loves to have things shipped to my home, I understand your frustration and would like to look into this for you.


Could you send me a private message with the following information? You can do this by clicking the blue "Private Message" button in my signature.


  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Order Number


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Re: best buy sends my package to a wrong address and forces me to pay