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annoyed online buyer

i bought an item online that came with another item and am being forced to pick it up (45 min each way) and really dont get why the item just cant be shipped to my house like the other item was, it makes no sense why i have to drive for 1h30m and go to the city and into a store (also during a lockdown as california does not allow this yet) when all you have to do is ship it to my house. I am calling/called customer support to talk but the agent just put me on a hold and its now going on 1h 30m call time and its been aabout 45 min that i have been on hold and it took me probably another 30 min to initial get in touch with an agent so i talked for a total of 15 min about and been on hold the rest of the time. I havnt bought anything from best buy in years and this is not making me ever want to buy something from you guys again, probably the worst online experience i have ever dealt with and so far no resolution has been given. 

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Re: annoyed online buyer

Some inventory is sold out online but if the item accomodates pickup in store, you can still lock in the pricing and pick it up. Shipping to the store may not be possible though although some items ship from store fronts to your house if they can determine it gets your item there, on time based on the ZIP you put at checkout.


But yeah if the online inventory is sold out, that's a no go.


Sorry you have to deal with the long trips but the items should be worth the trip Smiley Happy

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