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Re: EBay purchase sending to wrong address

If it's already on the way to the address you sent it to, your best bet might be to try and use the carrier's package management options.  For instance, I use UPS MyChoice to redirect or hold packages at the local UPS store when I know I won't be there to receive it.

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Re: EBay purchase sending to wrong address

I have UPS MyChoice, and it's not letting me redirect or hold the package because either eBay or Best Buy, I don't know which, prevented that from being an option. 

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Wrong address


I ordered an external hard drive. I put my zip code in to see pick up and delivery options. The delivery was just a day, so I chose it. When I was placing the order, the address kept putting an old one in. I typed in my new address and ordered. I kept waiting, called best buy, and no delivery. I finally figured out it shipped to my old home. I don't even know how the payment could go through with an address that didn't match. My item was delivered to the old address. What can I do. It was 113.00. I really can't just order another.

What can I do?


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Unable to update shipping address for Preordered Item



I placed a preorder for Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition - PlayStation 4 Model:12345 SKU:6352276 Quantity:1 on Jun 10, 2019. The release date has since changed 2 times after purchase which is fine with me. However, I am in the military and have had to recently move locations but am unable to modify my shipping address. 


i contacted the customer service help chat and was told they are unable to help me until the item is in stock. Since this is a collectors edition I am concerned that the product will be shipped to the wrong address even though I have brought up the concern. 


Who is able to help me change my shipping address for my preorder that is supposed to arrive 19 Nov 2020.


One concern I had and brought up with the technician was that my order will be charged and then delivered to the wrong address. This is what the technician told me:


Please don't worry, if the item get delivered to the wrong address, you can chat back with us we'll definitely check and help you with all the possible options.


I am trying to fix an issue with my shipping address before the item is even shipped but no one is able to correct the issue until it is in stock or has been delivered to the wrong address.


Please help. Thank you.


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change shipping address

I want to change the address for one of my pre-orders to my nephews address but I want one customer support to do it just to make sure it's not the wrong address which is a mistake of mine 😅.

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Packaged being delivered to wrong address

I made an order for some Blu-ray’s for my sons birthday and delivery was perfectly lined up with his party. And I made a quick order as I was on break at work and I used PayPal so it was very quick and I didn’t think much of it until today when i got a shipping notification stating the package would be delivered to my billing address. I no longer have access to this home and the current resident is my ex uncle and he has already stated he will not give me the package when it arrives. So I’ve been trying to get through to customer service for hours to see what can be done or what will happen after the package is delivered but I have not even gotten close to speaking to anyone. I don’t even understand how the delivery address gets changed to the billing address. I know that is a Best Buy issue and not PayPal as I had made a separate order that same day on a different site with PayPal and that shipping address is correct.
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Wrong delivery address

I recently moved and entered my old address without noticing. Unfortunately it's past the 30 minute window to change it. UPS does not give me any options to change the address, and the live chat did not give me any options to reroute or intercept the package, despite those options should be available for the sender. Is there anything I can do to get my package or is it a loss? 

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Why Can I Not Change My Shipping Address Before the 11th of November?

I placed an order October 29th, but there is absolutely no option to change the shipping address before the 11th of November.  I feel this is not helping the customer make the corrections that need to be made before the package is being shipped.  Yeah, it's been sitting in the warehouse since I placed it, and the site says that it will be delivered on teh 11th of November.  I need customer service to help me correct the shipping address before I get a tracking number for the package.  

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Re: Why Can I Not Change My Shipping Address Before the 11th of November?

Who is the carrier? You may be able to redirect your package to a UPS store.

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Cant change shipping address

I recently moved to Minneapolis from Iowa city and ordered a few things for my phone, wireless headphones and chargers. I had ordered my phone up here already so didn't think to change the shipping address. I accidentally had it sent to my old address in Iowa city. I tried calling the store up here and after 45 mins on hold and transferring calls someone picked up and then hung up on me. I called the corporate wide customer service number and after 30 minutes the lady said they couldn't change the shipping address or cancel the order or anything. It isn't supposed to be delivered until Wednesday but they still can't change. I asked if I was just screwed out of 300 dollars or have to drive 5 hours and take pto and she said yes. How is this the process? With Amazon orders you can cancel or change address up until it tries getting delivered. This has been the worst customer service I've ever dealt with and I work retail in 2020. This is ridiculous.