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Wrong Address for order

I order somthing of the best buy store and when i went to put in the address it auotofilled. It was the right address ecept for the area code. how can i get help to get my item.

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Wrong address

Hello , I placed an online order on best buy and realized later on that I forgot to put my apartment number and now my order has been delayed I have I tried changing the address on my Best Buy account but it wouldn't allow me to modify. I have seen a lot of forums of customer that had the same problem and want to know how can I resolve mine as well.

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So do customers get any compensation for their shipment arriving four days late or no?

Mistakes happen, of course, but this is, in my opinion, kinda far out there. We made an in-store purchase for delivery, and our address was taken down wrong, with a 16 instead of a 60. (We also specifically mentioned it was not 16, so... yeah.)


The order was initially coming on the 10th—that's two days ago, as of writing—and when we discovered the error and informed Best Buy, we were told that everything would have to wait until UPS took out shipment to the "16" address, failed to deliver it there because there is nothing numbered 16 on our street, and brought it back.


We made this correction on the phone on the 10th, with an agent who assured us that the delivery would be made to the correct address on the 13th, which is tomorrow.


We got another email telling us that it would come tomorrow, and... the address still said 16. We called them up again, and the agent this time said, to our great annoyance, basically the same thing. The address is still wrong, and they can't fix it until UPS attempts and fails the delivery tomorrow. They seemingly had no record of the previous phone conversation handy, and we don't know why the address didn't get fixed.


Now, I get that UPS and Best Buy aren't the same people, but they can't do anything about a delivery that won't happen until the next day? Or even give us written confirmation of the fact that this time, they won't just forget it again? Or any explanation of why they got the address wrong the second time? I'm even just letting the first one slide here.


And, if nothing else—if their hands really are tied, through no fault of ours—no compensation either?


At this point I'm just hoping that someone from Best Buy will be able to get me some answers here.

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Re: So do customers get any compensation for their shipment arriving four days late or no?

Alright... folks, you have to get your head in the game here! This is getting ridiculous.


The update is as follows: we called Best Buy again today (the 13th, if you don't want to check). What we were told is that the address had been corrected, on Best Buy's end, "internally", so we couldn't see this update reflected anywhere. However, we were assured that the package would still get to us by the end of the day.


We decided to check the UPS site in the meantime, and we saw a notce on the tracking page saying that address information was incomplete. Right below this was a "Correct my address" button, which gave us an error page, so we called up UPS.


And they told us... well, they told us what you might expect after reading the first paragraph of this comment: that they still had "16" on their address. The customer service agent took down the correct address from me, and said that it will arrive tomorrow.


Now, when I made this post yesterday with "four days" in the title, I wasn't sure that it would actually make it to four days. Now, it seems to have definitively done precisely that.


Best Buy.




What on earth is even going on?


I'm wondering if there's a problem with your system for correcting addresses at this point. For the sake of everyone who lives on the 60th of any street, please, look into this.


Also, give us something for the trouble, so I can at least leave a comment saying that your customer service isn't irredeemably unreasonable.


Thank you, and have a nice day. Loving the weather.

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Package Delivered to wrong Address

I dont see any option under "Return and Support" for this so Im making a post. My delivery information was correct, but instead of coming to my address it was sent to a different state. I attempted to stop the package when I viewd the tracking info, but UPS couldnt change the delivery, because the label was for that incorrect address.


Im not looking for a refund, I just want to recieve what I ordered.

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My order experience

On Thursday 7/16, I placed an order for an iPad Pro with a student deal and it was set to be delivered on Wednesday 7/22. I immediately noticed I misread my billing address as my shipping address and was having it shipped to the wrong address. Within 2 minutes I was in the online chat speaking with customer service about changing my address. At the end of our conversation, the agent told me "I've successfully updated the new shipping address." Great. That was a quick and easy fix.


The next day, Friday 7/17, I received an email saying that my order had shipped, but it was still going to the wrong address. Again, I hopped into an online chat, and then opted to call into customer service to get this taken care of. I was told that its too late to change it on their end, but they would intercept the package from UPS and redirect it to the correct address and that I'd still get it on 7/22. Again, great. Took an hour, but now it's definitely settled, right?


Tuesday 7/21 comes around and I get an email saying that my package is delayed and that it's now being returned. After a couple more hours of speaking with agents in the chat, I'm told that they are initiating a request to reship my order when they receive it and I would hear back from them within 72 hours on the status. 


Now today, Friday 7/24 I get an email telling me my order has been returned, but it's not being reshipped, its being put brought back to the warehouse instead. I spent basically my entire afternoon speaking to agents in the chat before accepting the fact that it would be returned and refunded and I would have to order a new one. Luckily it was in stock and I paid for expedited shipping to get it before I go on a trip next week. However, this time I couldn't apply my student deal because it was already used on the last iPad I ordered that was returned. I was told nothing could be done about this.


So here I am, 2 days past when I initially thought I was getting my iPad and hours and hours of frustration with customer service later, with no device and an extra $70 spent to get it here in time ($50 for the student deal and $20 for the expedited shipping. This entire situation could have been avoided if the first agent I talked to had actually changed my address like they stated. I have chat logs from several of my conversations where the agent very clearly tells me something that just wasn't true at all. The last week of dealing with customer service has been disappointing and frustrating.

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Knowingly shipping to wrong address

On 7/27/2020, around 7AM, I ordered a pre-owned phone from  I hadn’t been to the site recently so I was prompted to update my credit information, which I did including my new billing address.  I completed the purchase and see they are shipping to a different address.  I immediately tried to edit the information and correct the address but the edit feature was disabled. 

I then opened a chat window around 7:10 and asked the service agent to either change the address or cancel the order (this was just 10 after I placed the order), she tried and said she couldn’t, made me wait on line for 10 minutes before finally disconnecting without any update. 

I then called BestBuy at 1-800-237-8289 and spoke to another agent who said she changed the address and to wait a few minutes for the change to appear. It never did.  I then called back and spoke to another agent who said he tried to cancel or change the address but couldn’t.  I then asked to speak to a supervisor, who said they escalated the case and to watch my email.  Nothing ever showed up.

On your website you say you have a 30-minute window to cancel or change your order, I never got the opportunity to either because both options were disabled as soon as I click the buy button.  You are shipping the phone to an address you know to be incorrect; you are not following your own procedures as stated on your website, and I have tried multiple times to correct the issue.

How can I get this fixed?

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Need to change shipping address



I need to change my shipping address for an order. Can somebody from the Best Buy team give me a hand? 





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Wrong Shipping Address Entered

Hi Best Buy, 


I recently ordered a TV but entered the wrong shipping address. It has already been past 30 minutes is there any way I can try to change the shipping address to the correct one? 

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Incorrect Shipping Address - Package cannot be delivered - Intercept required

I recently ordered a grey switch on and was really rushing to complete the order process, because they go out of stock so quickly. Because of that I forgot to include the unit number on my appartment in the address. I noticed this the same day, however it was outside of the half on hour window to change shipping addresses.


I assumed the package would be delivered to the entry of the building, because it is relatively common to see packages delivered there, however I recieve a notification that the package "cannot be delivered" every time it goes out for delivery. I called bestbuy support and was told that I should go directly to UPS to get the package intercepted to change the address.


I tried using UPS MyChoice to get the address changed and was told that I cannot make changes to the address, because I am not the shipper. I called UPS customer service to do the same thing and was again told that only Bestbuy can make the intercept order. I have attempted calling Bestbuy support and no one has been able to help me. The package is still with the shipping company. What would the process for getting the order intercepted be?