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Re: Cant change shipping address

Amazon shipping is a completely different process. They use thier own contractors for much of the shipping.

I dont see how this is the worst service ever for somthing that was your mistake to start with.
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Re: Cant change shipping address

Yes, you're not wrong but they try their best to make it right. I contacted ups and they said just have best buy change it on their end, which I did and they said ups won't let them. Also, I work retail and have had this happen on our end and we send that customer the product and get ahold of ups/FedEx to have the product returned to us. A simple mistake shouldn't be a welp, you're out 300 bucks.
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Re: Cant change shipping address

Online shopping fraud is at an all-time high, and I'm not sure what retailer you work for but Best Buy is in the top 5 targeted by criminals.  Our policy is straightforward, canceling/changing shipping details is usually only possible for up to 30 minutes after the order is made.  After that, due to the swiftness at which items are picked, packaged, and shipped changes are no longer allowed. 


You mentioned UPS and FedEx, both of these services offer the ability to redirect your package or have it held at a pickup location.  If it was shipped UPS, use MyChoice and choose how you want it delivered.  This takes the burden off of the retailer, who have already posted the $300 of merchandise to your chosen address. 

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Online Order has Wrong Address

Hi my online order has the wrong address listed in the order tracker. I talked to customer service over the phone and they said it should be shipping to the right address but I really need to confirm this. I can provide all the neccessary information and such. 

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Contacted 12 times, ordered refunded, cannot reship, outright lied to by customer support

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My most recent phone conversation has case ID {removed per forum guidelines}.



Oct 28th - placed order for very hard to find item after more than a month of attempts, order placed with outdated address.

Oct 28th - five minutes after order placed I contacted bestbuy support to update the address, they said it could not be updated as the order was processing, and I should call back when the order shipped to have the address updated with the shipper.

Oct 30th - order goes to shipped status, I contact bestbuy support to have address changed, they tell me they have issued an interception request with the carrier.

Nov 1st - no update to tracking, I call best buy again, am again told that the package will be intercepted and I will recieve it at the correct address.

Nov 2nd - package is heading out for delivery on Nov 3rd and no intercept request was made.  I contact UPS and ask them to look into it, they have had no requests from best buy.

Nov 2nd - I call best buy and start a 3 way call with UPS to authorize a change of address, UPS states best buy has restricted changes to the parcel, but can return it to best buy for reshipment.  The best buy agent explains that once the package returns to best buy it will be reshipped to me at the correct address.

Nov 3rd - receive an email from bestbuy that they are processing my return and issuing a refund.  I call bestbuy and explain that I do not wish to return the product, I just want it shipped to the proper address,  I am told there is nothing they can do until it arrives in warehouse, I will be issued a reship on Nov 20th.

Nov 9th - product arrives in best buy warehouse and I call to have it reshipped.  I am told it is stuck in processing state and I will be emailed to confirm reshipment when the status changes.  I ask if they can manually override or update the address for reship, they assure me that an email confirming the reshipment will be out soon.

Nov 12th - received email from best buy that they had processed my return and refunding my money.  I call bestbuy to ask why I was not reshipped and spend 30 minutes going over the previous dozen calls, before telling me they cannot do anything as the item is out of stock.  I ask to be escalated.  I am put on hold for 30 minutes and disconnected.

Nov 12th - I call back and am put on hold for 20 minutes then spend 30 minutes revisiting the exact same conversation I had earlier that day.  I am told I must place a new order (impossible as it is out of stock and has been for weeks).  I ask to be escalated and he says there is no one to escalate me to.  I ask who I was transferred to on my previous call and he says there are no notes, that the call indicates I disconnected.  I ask for the item to be reshipped and am told that it is impossible.  I ask for compensation and I am put on hold for five minutes then offered $10.  

I am beyond livid.  I spent three weeks and more than 6 hours with nothing to show for it.  I cannot count the number of times I was told "rest assured you will recieve your order" and, "please trust me, this will be fixed" and "I can't do that now, but the next step is X..." non of which was even remotely true.  

I cannot imagine why you even have customer service people, at no point in my 12+ contacts was any of them able to make a single change to the order in your system, which appears to be fully automated.  How can it be this difficult to change a shipping address?  

I would like the escalation team to contact me and figure out how they can reship my order or offer me compensation which is not an insult.  I would like to be contacted by someone who won't lie to me.

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Help with wrong shipping address

I just received the shipping confirmation on an order but it was sent to an old address, not my default address.

I cannot change the address, only the shipper can. Can you assist with updating my address with UPS?

Thank you