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Your company is going to fail!!!

Congrats on making it this far. However because you put so little effort into online sales, now you're going to fail. As I registered for you app and waited 8 hrs for my verification code, I had already Amazon'd it. Came sooner and cheaper. Circuit City 2.0. Ordering from you online is a headache... See ya!
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Re: Your company is going to fail!!!

I'm sorry but during this Coronavirus pandemic, certain services may not be fast enough to ones liking and it's beyond Best Buy's control for what went on with your verification code. There are high volumes of internet traffic and the codes may be delayed or you may have to resend for another.


A mod on these boards would be happy to help you but due to the posting volume for order support during COVID , You may encounter longer than usual wait times for this service.


As for the competitor you mentioned, you may find the shipping speed the same as Best Buy as all retailers are subject to this possible behavior right now.


Sorry you feel this way about Best Buy but they really are doing an awesome job given the resources they have  to try and help all customers in a timely manner.


Until then, be well and stay safe in this virus pandemic Smiley Happy

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