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Xbox 1X Project Scorpio Edition Cancelled with no warning or contact

I placed a pre-order for Xbox 1X Project Scorpio Edition (the very limited, not to mention sold out edition) on August 20th.  It sold out almost immediately.  


On Oct 29 I changed my payment method due to some problems I was having with the card it was initially ordered against.  To do this I called best buy and some one on the phone helped me change the card.  I received a confirmation email almost right away informing me the payment method had been updated.  I checked the website for the card that I used and indeed the hold was already on the account.  Good to go!


Now, Oct 31 I have an email to inform me that my order was CANCELED.  No warning, just canceled.  I called best buy and was told that there was apparently something that was not able to be verified (confusing since they were able to access the account, how could that be).  Exactly WHAT, no one seems to know.  And there is ZERO chance of them re-instating the order since it's sold out.


This is absolutely unacceptable.  There wasn't any attempt to contact me to attempt to resolve whatever issue may have been.  That is assuming there even was an issue and it's not due to incompetence or an error in THEIR system.


Now, my very carefully planned pre-order of a limited edition, is dissolved thanks to Best Buy.  I am done.  My money will go elsewhere.  Somewhere that my business is valued.

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Re: Xbox 1X Project Scorpio Edition Cancelled with no warning or contact

Hello Kevinhyskell-


Thank you for taking the time to register to our Forum to let us know about your order. I am sorry to hear that your pre-order has been cancelled and you are unable to remake your order. I can definitely understand your disappointment that you were not notified that there was a problem before your order was cancelled. I am happy to help look into this so see how I can assist you.


Using the email address associated with your Forum account I was able to find your order. I see that when you contacted our customer service line they launched an investigation into why your order was cancelled. While I understand that won't recreate your order I do recommend waiting for that investigation to finish so they can determine why this cancellation occurred. 


I sincerely apologize that I am not able to assist you further with this order. I will ensure your feedback is logged here at our Corporate Offices for internal review so we can continue to improve our pre-ordering experience. Please let me know know if there is anything further that I can assist you with.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Xbox 1X Project Scorpio Edition Cancelled with no warning or contact



While I appreciate your reply, waiting for the "investigation" will not help me.


Finding out exactly WHY it was canceled has no bearing.  The entire problem is that it WAS canceled.  Why is not relevant.  The problem, in its entirety, is that I was not contacted.  Whatever issue there may have been, I'm quite certain could have been sorted out in a very short phone call.


I am certainly not the only one with this issue.  I've been reading through these forums finding several others just in the past month with EXACTLY the same problem.


You need to STOP cancelling orders prior to reaching out to your customers.  And you need to improve your verification process.  You also need to find a way to reinstate orders when best buy is responsible for errors out of the customer's control, including my order.


That said, I eagerly await contact from the staff looking into this.  I'm sure that I will be just as disappointed with their service as any, but one can always hope.

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Re: Xbox 1X Project Scorpio Edition Cancelled with no warning or contact

I pre ordered mine on Aug 20th with my best buy credit card, havent changed anything to the pre order. got a notification today it's not in the store for in store pick up and that i need to pick another store that has it in stock for in store pick up.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME Smiley Mad ITS A SOLD OUT ITEM! im elite plus......and this is what i get!?

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Re: Xbox 1X Project Scorpio Edition Cancelled with no warning or contact

That really stinks man.  I hope you are able to find a solution.  I have my Scorpio on order from Target.  Since my order went in late it won't be here till about the 14th, but it's better than Best Buy canceling.


I for one will not be trusting Best Buy with any sort of time sensitve pre-ordering ever again.