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Wrong order for Purchases history



How can I sort my Purchases on so that they are listed from most recent to least recent?


Currently, from top-down, my Purchases for 2020 are listed as:
Sep 5 → Sep 3 → Jul 21 → Oct 29 → Oct 22 → Sep 30 → Jul 14 → Jul 8 → May 5.


I've been given conflicting information:

 - I've been told to simply use the "sort" option on the purchases page that can be found where the filters button is.  The problem is, there is no sort option, nor is there a filters button (there's only a "Viewing" button that acts like a filter, but there's still no sort option).

 - I've been told that this is a known problem, and to view my Purchases in the app where the order will be correct. This is false, and inside the app the sort order is still wrong.

 - I've been told to log out and log back in and to also try a different browser and this will fix the problem.  The issue is still present after both.

 - I've been told that the orders in October are appearing after the orders in July because the orders in October are from 2019 and the July orders are from 2020 and that I'm expecting an incorrect order.  This is false and all those above orders are from 2020.

 - I've been told that Purchases are already sorted in this manner, from newest to oldest, and that I'm seeing otherwise by my lying eyes.


For 2019 and earlier, the sort order is correctly showing how I'd like it, and I insist there is an issue with the sort order for my 2020 purchases.


It looks like I've spotted a website sorting glitch and if so, I'd like this corrected either by being able to use a sort button (that's not visible when it should be), or having IT fix the server sort issue.  How can I get this corrected instead of being told in multiple ways that the problem is with me/my eyes and not the website?

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Registered: ‎02-01-2019

Re: Wrong order for Purchases history

Update: my complaint above seems to have finally been enough for a fix to have been pushed through.