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Wrong item sent to me! BestBuy let me down.

Hi. The following are the the emails I sent to a local store here in Honolulu after I received my order purchased online. It is copy and paste as writing it out and explaining once more will only stress me out. Edited to censor personal details. Sorry for the harshness in some of my words. I was furious and still am that is why I'm sharing. Maybe someone here could help me resolve this.

"On Thu, Apr 2, 2020, 10:25 PM <******> wrote:
Hi my name is Joy ******
Order Number: BBY**************

I was anticipating a delivery from BestBuy today as I purchased an open box EXCELLENT condition GOOGLE PIXEL 3a XL through the website. Packaged delivered around 7pm. I received a brand of phone unfamiliar to me. Please see photos attached.

What in the world???!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED? To say I'm upset is an understatement!

I call the support number.. outside of service hours and the Alakawa store is of course closed earlier, so I DM BestBuysupport on Twitter instead just to get my complaint in asap. I know I won't get a response tonight. Finally, I find this email to reach out to you.

So I got the wrong item with no accessories included when website states open box Excellent items "include original parts or accessories". Also on the box itself, I noticed "condition: Good" which I provided a picture of. Huh? CLEARLY, ONE OR MANY OF BEST BUY ASSOCIATES ARE NOT FIT TO DO THEIR JOB. Help me please! I just need a phone to replace my brothers now bootlooping Nexus 6p. I trusted Best Buy to get a good deal on a short time frame. I was thrilled to see how fast shipping was ONLY TO BE LET DOWN AND FRUSTRATED THAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH FIXING THIS SITUATION AND MY BROTHER STILL HAVING NO PHONE!!!!!!!!


Can someone reassure me that when I go to the Alakawa location, I will be dealt with promptly and hassle free? Especially with events currently, curbside service is what is offered. But, I only have a less than one hour window after work to get there by 6. I hope someone reads this by that time. Thanks for listening.

PS. If you happen to have any Galaxy S10 or Pixel 3a XL, open box, please let me know. Mahalo."

"On Fri, Apr 3, 2020, 1:55 AM <******> wrote:
Also, I'm wondering if the phone 3a XL that was listed can be tracked somehow, by the SN on the shipping box. I'm assuming that means serial number. If a mixup happened, or other incompetence, the phone must be somewhere still in a warehouse or lot, "LOC 2417" "STORE 1118" according to the box labeling. I still want the phone that was listed on the website as "excellent condition" if possible. Would it be in your authority or that of corporate level management to contact the originating location or store and get some answers? This is unacceptable! Sidenote: I work in retail and part of my job is to receive and pick orders for customers upwards of thousands of dollars, making selections of school supplies of different variations with 100% ACCURACY. I check and double check. But one person out here can't make sure ONE PHONE in ONE BOX exactly matches the description a customer requests before shipping it all the way across the country? Unreal. This was my first BestBuy purchase in years and planned on spending more (Animal Crossing Switch, when available) in the coming months. Now I'm not sure if it is in my best interest to do so.

- Joy"

I get a response (04/04 midnight? that I don't feel acknowledges any of my concerns. No empathy. And was told "if an exchange is what you still want to do, a team member can give you a call tomorrow from 10-6. I reply with yes please call me after 4. No reply. I visit the store to see if they can help me.

Email Today 04/04/20 "Didn't get a phone call. Went to the Alakawa location anyway. They will not accept the return in-store and referred me to call 1888 BestBuy which is out of service hours again. I was at work and was not able to call earlier. The associate said "I don't know what phone you received on Thursday, not saying you guys (I was with a friend) are liars. But it's best you call the number...". THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS AFRAID OF. I was not in the mood nor have the energy to explain the situation again in the manner conveying the rage that I felt when writing the initial email I sent. So we left. On the night of delivery, I took pictures as soon as I could and that I feel is what could help show no wrong doing on my part. If I could go back, I would have taken a video to 100% show this was no fault of my own. It's sad that as customers, we would have to resort to that to protect ourselves for a situation like this. But this has never happened to me before so it did not cross my mind. Anyway, I did not get a name, but the associate was nice. I don't think writing this will get me anywhere, however I just want to get across how frustrating and stressful this situation is when all I needed was a phone for my brother.

I will call the number again to try and get this resolved. Thank you for your time.

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Re: Wrong item sent to me! BestBuy let me down.

Whew, I think I've discovered exactly how I can prove this is not my fault and 100% BestBuy's. From just pure desperation and instinct, I think to open up the back of this unknown phone and pull out the battery. Low and behold the serial number of this "Blu V5" is matching the one on the label put on the box for the Google Pixel 3a XL I wanted. Going back to the store tomorrow to show them I am not trying to defraud them. 

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Re: Wrong item sent to me! BestBuy let me down.

Hey, Joy, 


I wanted to let you know that I've reached out to you directly through your Twitter message. Since both places get you to our same team, I will keep working with you directly there.



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