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Worst Refund Experience

On 11/16/2020 I ordered a new HPx360 laptop from Best Buy, set to arrive on 11/17/2020.  I needed a new laptop and the sale price had it marked down by $150. Seemed like a good deal.


I expected the item to arrive during the day, as I live in a gated community that requires keycode entry after 6pm and always requires a key to enter any apartment buildings. I attempted to contact Best Buy Customer service with all of this information, as there was no space in my order details to add any of this at the time of purchase. Chat  Customer Service said they could not give any information to the carrier and if the carrier couldn't deliver the item, I'd be refunded. By some miracle, the carrier (who arrived after 6 pm) was able to get into the community and into my building to deliver the package. Yay! Or so I thought...


When I returned home, excited to open up my new computer, I was greeted with an empty box. I immediately called the Customer Service Hotline. The agent told me to take the empty box to a store to try and get a refund or reship processed. I'm a stay at home mother with a 2-year-old living in a city where the pandemic is reaching it's worst of all time. I ordered online because I didn't want to expose myself or my son to any health/safety issues. After a heated discussion with the Agent, he was finally able to start the refund process via phone. I was told I would get a phone call or email within 72 hours to follow up on the status of my claim. 


After waiting 72 hours, no form of contact came in. I opened a new chat support with BB on Saturday 21, 2020. The Chat Agent tells me they have no access to any information regarding refund claims and that I have to call the hotline. Well, early Monday 23, 2020, I received an email from BB saying that my refund claim had been denied and that I should contact the carrier and local law enforcement to try and receive my money back.


I called into the Hotline again this morning to try and get more information about why the claim was denied, but the phone agent was unable to tell me anything at all. Just that the system wouldn't allow him to process a refund because of the claim's denial in the system. This has been an absolutely horrible experience for me. I'm on the hook for an $800 empty box because I didn't want to take it back into the store? 


I've opened up a credit dispute with my card company, and hope to god that I can get my money back that way. This has been absolutely ridiculous and has completely turned me away from wanting to shop with Best Buy for any large purchases again. This is quite a shame because my husband has purchased many of our larger electronics (tv and game consoles) from you all before. 


Basically, I don't know, I guess I'm just kind of ranting about it all. It majorly sucks to feel like you're getting jerked around by a big box store just because they can prove they shipped a box. They want me to pursue action against the carrier, even though the carrier did everything they were supposed to. I was literally on the phone with them when they were delivering the item because they weren't sure if they could get into the building.  I'm so frustrated at this point. I just hope Best Buy doesn't try to charge back on my chargeback through my company. UGH.


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Re: Worst Refund Experience

Hi there, jessieberu,

Thank you for taking the time to connect with our team here on the Best Buy Forums, although I do wish your post were under different circumstances. I understand that you have been working with several representatives regarding this, and appreciate you providing that feedback for us here.

As it sounds like you have been advised beforehand, to best assist you, you'll need to bring the product or box back to the store. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but hope that this sheds light on the next steps moving forward for the appropriate support with this.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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