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Worst Experience With Take 2

So since my first post was deleted, lets try this again.


I placed an order for 3 video games several weeks ago. It is a pre-order with a guaranteed delivery date of 10/27. Well that did not happen. My items are still not here and have been delayed. I was promised something, my money was taken and now I don't have what was promised.


I called on 10/26 when I still had not received a shipping email to have my order canceled and set for store pick up. Was told that it wasnt a problem, and the lady with Best Buy customer service placed the order for me to pick up at the store. Cool. Thought I was good.


Later that night, I received an email that my stuff shipped and I was charged. So now im charged twice for the same order, and it is delayed. I cant have $400 tied up when I had only spent $200. This is unacceptable.


Then I get an email that the store that I had pre-oredered at sold out!?!?!??! A pre-order is paying for a copy of something prior to release to guarantee a copy. Not to hope for a copy. What is the point of pre-ordering if you are going to sell my item??


Needless to say, I was once a big Best Buy shopper, purchasing tv's, gaming systems, car audio on and so forth. I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again. That is a promise. You guys dont care about your consumer that is giving you their hard earned money. You are not the only electronics shop, but for some reason act like you are. Learn the definitation of customer service. You will be out of business if you continue the practice of not caring about the customer.


Ive sepnt way too much time and effort on this. I have told this experience to 3 friends and my father, who also have told me that this is not how you treat customers, and will also no longer be shopping with Best Buy. I will continue to tell my experience, and how you removed my initial post due to foul language that was not used.


You guys are turning into a Walmart type mentality really quick. I don't need that. I will do business with companies that support the customer and their mistakes. Companies that will take ownership and do what they need to do to make things right with their customers. This is absolutely ridiculous, and I no longer wish to provide my money to this company, It takes a long time to develop loyal customers, but only 1 experiecne to lose them, and have their story told.

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Re: Worst Experience With Take 2

Hi symtex,


Welcome back to our forums.  Although I see our phone support teams at 1-888-BESTBUY were able to help you get the games you’ve ordered, that doesn’t lessen the disappointment that resulted from your original order, and I sincerely apologize for the frustration this delay has caused.


Using the information you’ve provided when you joined our Support Forums, I’ve located your original order.  It looks like one of the games is currently in transit to you at this moment, with the other two expected to arrive tomorrow.  Since this order has been replaced and you were able to pick up the games you ordered at your local Best Buy store, if you no longer need the games that are being shipped to you, you’re welcome to return them to your local Best Buy, or ship them back to us so we might process a refund for you.  If you have any questions about our Return & Exchange Promise, this link should provide any extra information you might need.


I realize we won’t be able to undo the experience you’ve had up to this point, but I do appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us through our Support Forums.  We’re always looking to provide a better shopping experience with our customers, and its posts like yours that help us do just that, and I’ll be documenting your experience for future coaching and training opportunities that may present themselves.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Worst Experience With Take 2

Hello SeanM-BBY


My order was not "replaced", I had to PAY for another order and ended up having to go to 2 locations because one of my PREORDERS was canceled because it was sold out at the store I preordered it from. How do preorders sell out? Why did I have to place my order twice? Why was my order not delivered to me on the promised date of 10/27, and I am still waiting? Why did I have to go to 2 different locations for one order?


This is unacceptable. I understand that it looks like my issue is resolved, but it is not. I am still waiting. I still have $400 tied up in my account until I can actually receive the items so that I can drive back to the store to return them. I would not call this a resolution. 


Thanks for the response, days later, with absolutely no useful information other than the option to return them whenever they actually come in the mail. I know that I can return products that are unopened. It is the inconvenience of having my money tied up and all of the false information that I have received, and nobody taking ownership of anything. The fact that I was told something was canceled and then to find out it wasn't and ended up charging my account. The fact that a preorder was sold out. The fact that I am waiting until tomorrow to get something that was promised to me on Friday, oh but one of them is somehow coming today when they were placed on the same order.


This is crazy. I know it's not your fault personally, but I am 100% done shopping at Best Buy.