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Why does Best Buy not offer competitive student discounts on laptops?

I'm a college student in the market for a new laptop. I'm interested in the Razer Blade 15 specifically. How is it that Microsoft offers 10% for students off any laptop purchase, and Razer themselves (the original manufacturer) offers 15% for students off all laptops, yet Best Buy doesn't offer any discount off high end laptops for students? I've tried to get stores and online support to price match with no success. You'd think it would be smart to have competitive pricing when both Razer and Microsoft offer student discounts on all laptops they sell. The only laptops I can find on sale here are olders models, or low end models/brands that Best Buy is trying to clear their stock on.

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Re: Why does Best Buy not offer competitive student discounts on laptops?

Sales are tied closely to what retailers, not just Best Buy, purchase the items wholesale. The only time a retailer would sell an item for less than they bought it for would be some sort of manufacturer reimbursement.

Both of the companies you mentioned are the manufacturers and since they make the items they don’t have to pay wholesale for the items. This means they can sell it for a tad over the manufacturing cost and still stay in business.

If you’d like to verify whether or not a price match is valid, you just need to ensure it meets the criteria here on our Price Match Guarantee:

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