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Why do all my orders keep getting cancelled

For the past couple weeks every order i have placed keeps getting cancelled. I have already called in and the matter has yet to be resolved!!!

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Re: Why do all my orders keep getting cancelled

You should contact your credit card company and make in inquiry.  Best Buy wants to make money so they don't  single out people and refuse to take their money. Often there is a reason why a credit card company may refuse an authorization or the card authorizing company that the business uses. 


There can be a variety of reasons.


Many US companies do not accept International Credit Cards or cards who's ownership cannot be verified.

Make sure the Billing name and address EXACTLY match the Billing name and Address on your credit card statement.

If your trying to make a large purchase your card may find it suspicious and refuse it

If you have a history of buying and returning a lot of products you may get declined

If your trying to get a product shipped to an address that is not the same as the credit card you may get declined.


However, I think the first step is to contact your credit card company.  As a business owner when I authorized a card i would get one of 4 refusal messages. Bad address, bad code, insufficient funds or international cards.


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Re: Why do all my orders keep getting cancelled

I already called my card company they told me it is best buy cancelling the orders as i am being charged then refunded right afterwards by best buy. And i have used other cards..

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Re: Why do all my orders keep getting cancelled

Hi Busniness_man,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post! I understand how it could be quite frustrating to have your orders canceled. While orders can be canceled for many different reasons, I would be happy to look more into your specific situation.


In order to determine what’s going on with your particular orders, I will need a little bit more information. Could you please send me a private message, using the button next to my signature below, with your full name, email address, and order number? This should allow me to do more research.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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