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What else can I do as in store vendor that does not see a lot of foot traffic?

My company has me on area that not many people find themselves and when they do no customers want to engage. I am fairly new to the store. All the floor employees seem to always be busy and have no time for me to “educate them” on my product. I do not want to bother them extra than I have to. My manager told me that I should get to know the employees and other vendors but how can I engage without intruding on their work.

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Re: What else can I do as in store vendor that does not see a lot of foot traffic?

Good Morning, hakiyu.


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. Being a new face in any store can certainly be a challenging experience, whether as a Best Buy employee or as a vendor. Do not be intimidated, the other store employees are friendly, passionate, and hard-working, just like yourself. It can be helpful to meet the employees outside of operating hours, when customers are not in the store. Whether this is before the store opens or shortly after it closes, employees will still be busy, but it is easier to say "Hello". Make sure you introduce yourself to the manager who oversees the area that your product belongs to. They will be able to provide you with some direction in how things may operate in that particular store and introduce you to their team. From there, you will be able to build a rapport with those floor employees and work together to provide our customers with solutions to their any of their technological needs.  


Good luck in your new store and please feel free to browse the Forums for other helpful advice. 

Kindest regards,

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