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Website Issues

So I'm making this thread to see if I possibly could get help with an issue I've been having and just to bring this up and pray it gets taken care of. For the past few weeks, I've been trying to get an Intel i9-10900K. Since it's new it's pretty hard to get it or see when it's available. Over the course of the past few weeks, I've barely been seeing it. About a week or so ago, I was informed about a bot that'd send a tweet out when this part was available and since then I've noticed it just about every time it has been available. The issue however comes with me trying to purchase it. While the item is still available, I'm told that it has sold out, an option to select a shipping method is unavailable so I can't purchase it quickly with apple pay at all. For 1-4 minutes I just try to check out on both my phone and laptop just to be told that the part is out of stock on my laptop and that I need to select a valid shipping method on my phone. As soon as the shipping methods appear however I am then told that it has sold out. What's frustrating is the fact that I've attempted to order at least 100 times now with how often I've been seeing it, just to be told it's sold out when it's still available. I'm pretty upset about this as I've started purchasing PC parts earlier this month and this is the only PC I have yet to order and would like to have it ordered before my Case arrives.

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Re: Website Issues

It’s a popular processor and in very short demand. These boys, while useful for notifications, are not approved by Best Buy and their data often lags behind reality for a few minutes. By the time you are trying to place your order, the amount we received is often gone. This explains the issues upon checkout. The units are all claimed but as they are in varying degrees of checkout the messages you see end up varying slightly. At the end of the day, they’re all taken though. I would encourage you to keep checking back, shipments are getting to be more frequent as Intel’s yields improve.
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