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Website Content

Look, I'm sorry if I come off at all rude, or "salty" as the kids say (or maybe, they used to say, IDK).

I'll try to keep it on "...the point...", and not "...flaming..." like the "...trolls, and h8rs...".


Can someone please either update the website content, or at least provide something that I could infer is a legitimate atempt at justifying why it hasn't happened already?

IDK if a site opens to display basically two items, both of which do the exact same thing, the most noteable difference being the colour .... is really sound marketing. Argueably the one thing that seems to seperate the two, is mute, since they share a key feature, that I feel should really rank higher on your list of reasons why a product should maybe not be like the first thing consumers are shown.

Care to guess?

Thanks for a page of hopes and dreams, maybe take the content down for products that are completely sold out, everywhere.

Or not.

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Re: Website Content

I have no idea what you are trying to say... Just went to I see an add for air tags first, then one to preorder a new macbook second.
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Re: Website Content

It is just marketing. 


Many people may not realize there is an option of a second or more color so the site shows more than one option sometimes.

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