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Want to speak to a manager or someone from corporate

On March 10th I was approved for a best buy preferred card.  Now when you apply online it basically tells you you can start shopping even without your card.  So I tried using the card and unfortunately I was not able to.  Then I am told I have to wait for a verification letter.  On March 27th I received an email from citibank stating they received returned mail pertaining to my account.  I have called best buy customer service quite a few times and get told the same thing every time, i have to wait 7 to 10 days for a letter.  This has been going on since mid March and here it is mid April and I still do not have a letter.   I spoke to someone again on April 11th was told I'd get a letter in 7-10 days, still no letter.  I have called just to cancel the account because personally  I am getting quite aggravated with the whole situation.  There is no point in an account just sitting open on my credit waiting for some letter to get here that obviously is never going to make it to my hands.  I have grown tired of repeating the situation over and over and over again.    Verification wasn't needed when I was approved for card and it's already showing on my credit report I should not have to go through all this trouble just to close the account and be done with it.  Clearly there must be some other option to verify someone other than waiting on a letter, who relies on snail mail to verify an account anyway,  I'm sure there are dozens of notations on my account, because i've called in numerous times , I even so much as called citibank where they transferred  back to best buy so that I could just get the same response I been getting for the past month.  I just do not want this account and there  has to be a way to close it without me having to wait for a letter that I'm never going to get.  I want this matter resolved.  

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Re: Want to speak to a manager or someone from corporate

Hello, CrystalScherer7, 


Thank you for registering with the forum to share your experience with us here! Applying and being approved for a Best Buy Credit Card should be exciting, but it sounds like your experience has been cumbersome at best. 

After applying and being approved, you should be able to follow the Check Application Status link to save your approved card to your profile as your primary form of payment to use it the same day, so that you do not have to wait for the physical card to be received. It sounds like this may not have been the case for you, as Citibank may have needed some additional information from you to complete your account. It is quite strange that you would be having difficulties receiving their letters though, as I imagine they would have used the address you provided during your application. 

I understand at this point you wish to simply close the account, which isn't what we want to hear. I would be delighted to look into your experience with you and see what may be going on. Please see that I am sending you a private message to gather some additional details. You may check your messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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