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Visa Gift Card-Online Error


I want to split a purchase between a visa vanilla e-gift card ($300) and my debit card for an online purchase. I have followed all of the steps including hitting the button for the given drop-down extension for gift cards. I entered the gift card's 16 digit code and tried to apply it and got an error message. When I tried to enter a pin number that failed as well as I could not add the pin number in the given space.

When this failed, I tried to buy a specific Best Buy gift card with my visa vanilla e-gift card in hopes that I could use that instead. Unfortunately, I was not able to purchase the gift card. It said this transaction was declined even though I entered the correct numbers and had sufficient funds on the visa vanilla e-gift card to cover the purchase. 

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Re: Visa Gift Card-Online Error

If I remember right sence its not a bestbuy gift card it would probably considered ether a debit or credit card. I dont think you can use 2 credit cards online but you can inside the store.