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Very bad delivery!!!!

I purchased a ps4, and the delivery company ontrac left the package outside the building of my apartment, and it was a rainy day. Seriously? What do they have in their head? Why they dont use his mind? Electronic device and raining? All the box is wet. I hope is not wet the electronic device. We specified in the shipping address the number of the apartment, why they left outside, insecure? In other case, I could pick it up. Very bad service.
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Re: Very bad delivery!!!!

When I lived in an apartment I never opted for shipping for just these reasons. 


They probalby left it outside becuase there was nobody there to buzz them in. 

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Re: Very bad delivery!!!!

I'm surprised that they didn't at least put it in a plastic bag since it was a rainy day.  Unless it is in the original box, the delivery company won't know exactly what is in the box.  The carrier should have done more since it was a rainy day.  You also get that catch 22 situation for them whether to leave a note for the customer to sign to leave the box there the next day/ pick up or leave it there since the person is expecting it that day.  Either way they should take care of you if it was damaged from the rain.