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Verify Loop issue, Please help escalate

I particiapated last two GPU drops. Both stuck at verification loop. I tried to only use app to queue this time, samething. What's more bizzare is I stuck in verify loop for 4 hours today and eventually got "sold out". I thought I was in line according to the prompt until I checked this support forum where everyone is complaining it's a widespread issue.

This is not a good experience. It makes me wonder if Best Buy web/app has a bug to customers. In some cases, this queue system lacks the ability to inform user the item is already sold out for 4 hours, that's not fun. 

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Re: Verify Loop issue, Please help escalate

Hello, testuser123321.


Welcome to our forums! Ideally, the login process for is a simple and straightforward process, so it's disappointing to hear that you've been having trouble getting your account verified.  


Assuming that you addended to your contact list, and ensuring the information on your account is completely up to date. I would recommend resetting your password. If that does not work I would recommend checking out this link here: My Best Buy Knowledge Base . This link will lead you to a page about account fixes, and at the bottom is a entire section for verification problems. If you have any additional questions, please let me know. I am happy to provide assistance.


Thank you,


Riley|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Verify Loop issue, Please help escalate

Hi Riley, like countless others here, I experienced the verify account loop during Thursday's online "high demand" item sales event. 


Can you confirm, as many have speculated here, that the "verify accout" loop is an intentional spam/flood prevention measure when a user attempts to purchase using more than one browser tab?


Many users, me included, logically assume that to maximize our chances of securing a SINGLE item we will need to try for as many as possible.


If this is the cause of the verify account loop, it would be very helpful if Best Buy can confirm that.