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Verifing Email Address

 Why should my email address need verification? I've already provided cc and personal information. It seems silly to me, but fine. I click verify, and proceed to my email. No verification code. Fine, try again. Still no verification code. Well, I probably entered my email incorrectly. Nope, I did not but lets try again. No code. Is it in the spam? Nope.


Ok, well, lets just try the ENTIRE process again. I enter my name, billing, cc info, for the second time. Oppppsie, I did not delete my cookies, it knows it is me! Ive been found out! It wants me to Verify email, again?!?! Phew, this is getting tiring...


...ok, Ill call customer service, I think. How long is the wait??? Ok, Ill sit here for a few because I cannot verify my email...


then it hits me...


I can just one-click Amazon with zero hassle.